Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a way to balance one’s physical, mental and emotional well being. There are many benefits to meditation, including improved sleep, improved concentration, improved state of mind and decreased anxiety, just to name a few. Studies have shown that a daily meditation routine can greatly improve someone's overall physical and mental well being.

The benefits of meditation are endless. Proper meditation can lower oxygen consumption, decrease respiratory rate, slow down the heart, reduce the risk of anxiety attacks and lead to a deep state of relaxation. It has been linked to headache relief as well as the relief of muscle tension. Meditation can even help women with pre-menstrual syndrome and aid the immune system to help the body help faster after an illness, or avoid getting sick altogether. 

Different types of meditation have been shown to have different affects on the body. Mindfulness meditation is a Buddhist practice that concentrates on just being. In this type of meditation, the goal is to concentrate on what is happening around you in that moment and in that moment only. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to lower anxiety, stress and increase a state of well-being.

Walking meditation is an active form of meditation where the focus is meant to be placed on the simple movement of the feet. As the person walks slowly in a large circle, usually with their eyes closed, they take in the ground they are walking on, the sounds they are hearing and the environment around them. This type of meditation can help focus a busy mind and decrease stress.

Breath meditation is just what it sounds like -- meditation where the focus is on the breath. As the person sits in a comfortable position they begin to concentrate on their breath, usually incorporating various breathing meditation patterns such as counting their inhales and exhales, or focusing more on concentrating on their thoughts, letting them flow through their mind like leaves on a river. Breathing meditation has numerous health benefits, including a decrease in blood pressure, a slowed down heart rate, decreased anxiety and an increase in positive sense of being. 

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