Getting the Most Out of a Quick Workout

Getting in a good workout in today’s busy world is difficult. Between the duties at home and at work, a gym membership just seems like a monthly waste. The good news is that there are some great alternatives to the gym that can be practiced, and they don’t cost nearly as much money or are as time constraining. Before starting the healthy habits of a daily workout plan, some important technique dos and don’ts should be discussed.

Cardio is the key.

Workout plans that are short in length need to be high in cardio. This not only builds endurance but if weight loss is one of the factors, this will jump start that effort. The key to a successful quick routine is to constantly be going. Any workout plan will see a vast improvement by adding one inexpensive piece of workout equipment, the jump rope. This workout marvel is almost like a complete 10 dollar fitness gym and will deliver a new level of cardio when added to any routine.

The 30 minute plan that gets results as if working out an hour

The following is a light but intense workout plan that can be finished in 30 minutes or less. All that is needed is a little space, a jump rope, and some low weight dumbbells that feel comfortable but increase resistance.

Start with four sets of 50 on the jump rope. The first set should be traditional, with both feet leaving and returning to the floor at the same time. Next, do two sets jumping on one foot. Each set should be with the opposite leg. The last set needs to be alternating from one foot to the next. The overall goal should be to do all 200 without stopping, but it is perfectly alright to take it slow at first.

Take a 30 second rest, and then, break into 20 reps of squats. For extra resistance, add a dumbbell to each hand and keep arms at the side. Next do 20 elevated pushups. It is perfectly acceptable to even substitute wall pushups in the beginning. The import part is to make sure that the entire range of motion for each pushup is being achieved.

Try not to take a break yet and begin alternating lunges with dumbbell resistance. Twenty lunges with each leg are ideal. Now, to give muscles a little rest but still keep the blood pumping, jog in place for one minute.

Grab the dumbbells again and stand with back straight and knees slightly bent. Slowly bend at the hips and rise back up with the hips 20 times. These deadlifts are great for the back, butt, and hamstrings. In the same position, keep the back straight and lift the weight overhead and lower it back down for 15 reps. This will really work the shoulders.

Enter the workout’s climax with 25 basic crunches, rest 30 seconds before doing 20 bicep curls and 25 overhead tricep extensions. This exercise requires only one dumbbell extended over the head. Slowly lower the weight behind the head while supporting the elbow with the opposite hand. To really strengthen the chest, arms, and core, finish up with 15 more elevated or wall pushups.

By following these guidelines and with hard work and determination, it is very possible to get a great workout in less than 30 minutes. When it comes to healthy living, the only limits are those set by the mind. Be limitless and start a journey to a healthier lifestyle today.

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