The Cutera LimeLight combines the benefits of three distinct light based devices into one unique solution with a wavelength range of 520-1100 nm. This range of wavelengths allows for both hemoglobin and melanin absorption.

Each of LimeLight's three pre-set modes shift the wavelength spectrum to optimize treatments. In addition, the pulse widths and cooling are tailored to each of the applications to achieve optimum performance, unlike any other flashlamp devices.

With a large spot size of 10 x 30mm, treatments are fast and effective.

For patients, the LimeLight Facial is a procedure that will treat their diffuse redness, dyschromia, telangiectasia, solar lentigines and rosacea with more precision - effectively decreasing the number of treatments. And, LimeLight can be used where you need it most - on the face, chest, arms and hands without gel or topical anesthetics.

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