Parkinson’s Disease

Over one million Americans have Parkinson's Disease, but by the time the first symptoms appear approximately 80% of the disease process has already occurred and is irreversible. Traditionally, physicians have waited for these classical symptoms to appear before prescribing medication. Yet preventive care can be achieved because there are three important pre-symptomatic indicators of Parkinson's Disease which occur approximately ten to fifteen years before the onset of full Parkinson's symptoms. They are: a change in sensitivity to smells, constipation, and disturbed sleep. These are known as the 'pre-motor symptoms' and if a person is treated at this stage of the disease's progression the full disease can be postponed significantly through pre-emptive use of MAOB inhibitors such as the drug Sinamet. If a person is experiencing this trio of indicators they should find a physician who is knowledgeable enough to work with them and design an appropriate pre-emptive therapeutic regime.

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