Ally Stastyuk, Care Manager

Ally Stastyuk, Care Manager
Dwell Care 1720 NW Lovejoy St #202 Portland, OR 97209

Ally Stastyuk, Care Manager

"Dwell is a heart-powered, technology-driven collective of carers who aim to empower and enable seniors and their families to live their best life with security, top notch care, and autonomy. At Dwell we enable our parents and grandparents to dwell in their own homes!"

Care Pros: A cut above
We hire selectively, conduct extensive background checks and train above the norm. If this is just a job, you are not a good fit for Dwell. We are family who takes care of family. The best carers are those who are passionate about senior care and making a difference.

Empowering Lifestyle and Wellness
Rooted in a deep love for the senior community, Ally (our founder) spent years organizing high school and college students to visit Portland area senior homes and communities to visit, sing, and share meals. This is still an integral part of the Dwell story. We believe that the positive interactions, respect, and the empowering of autonomy is one of the most important ways we can empower seniors and their loved onesl

Transparency and Technology
At Dwell we are revolutionizing the industry with how we monitor and report care of our patients with their loved ones. We use our own developed interactive technology solutions to provide real-time videos, photos, and wellness tracking updates to ensure you are up to date and involved in care.
Primary Specialty

Home Care

Services Non-Medical Disease Management
We know that disease can have a sudden impact on every aspect of life. That is why we provide Non-Medical Disease Management - a service intended to help clients stay on track with the many non-medical aspects of a disease at home. Diet, movement, and medications (to name a few) play a huge role in controlling disease and are often prescribed by medical professionals. We support our clients in implementing doctors orders and achieving the best health outcome.

Mobility and Fall Prevention
Everyday objects, homes and communities, not originally designed with longevity in mind, often become obstacles to movement, safety, independence and socializing. With safety and mobility continue to be top priorities for older adults, there is a need for products, programs and services that enable people to maximize their safety, strength, balance, fitness, independence and mobility as they age.
In 2015, the total medical costs of falls totaled more than $50 billion. Medicare and Medicaid shouldered 75% of these costs.

Meal Preparation and Diet Adherence
We can help you adhere to a healthy diet or a prescribed therapeutic diet because we know a healthy, nutritious diet is vital, especially when your body is battling an illness.

The evidence showing that physical activity can ward off chronic disease and restricted mobility continues to grow. However, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (the CDC), “Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day.”

Engagement & Purpose
Ageism and outdated social norms have led many older adults in both rural and urban communities to feel isolated and marginalized. Helping older adults get and stay meaningfully engaged is critical for their health and the health of our communities. New and creative ways are needed to not only tap into their wisdom but also provide opportunities for lifelong learning and meaningful engagement across their lifespans.

Daily Living & Lifestyle
Despite the majority of older adults stating a preference to “age in place,” one third of people over the age of 65 need assistance with at least one activity of daily living (e.g. eating, bathing, dressing). Products and services are needed to not only support older adults’ basic daily activities, but also to foster and support their ability to thrive, pursue their passions and engage with their chosen lifestyles.


Care for older adults is provided by informal (unpaid) and formal (paid) caregivers, both of which increasingly care for people with higher levels of acuity and complex conditions. Family caregivers— who are often juggling other family and work responsibilities while living remotely from the care recipient—need better support, training, resources and tools to support their loved ones and themselves. On the professional side, staff shortages and quality concerns require new solutions to help attract, train, develop and leverage scarce human capital.

Care Coordination
The healthcare journey can be particularly complex and fragmented for older adults, two-thirds of whom have at least two chronic conditions. We help support care transitions from hospital-to-home, and collaborate with other care providers inside the home.

Light Housekeeping
Personal care and Hygiene (bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.)
Healthy meal prep and grocery shopping
Transportation to medical appointments, social events, and help running errands
Companionship doing favorite activities
Getting home and settled comfortably after hospital stay
Medication pick up and reminders
Safe transferring from wheelchair to bed
Support with mobility and fall prevention and with prescribed physical therapy plan
Companionship and emotional support

Complete List of Services
Personal Care:
Bathing and showering
Partial bed bath
Sponge bath
Hair washing and styling
Nail hygiene care
Oral hygiene care
Morning routine
Bedtime routine
Active Assisted Range Of Motion
Medication Reminding*
Physical exercises
Incontinence care
Transferring in and out of a wheelchair or bed
Fall Prevention
Standby Walking Assistance
Use of Assistive Devices
Routine turning and repositioning

Meal Preparation
Fluid Intake
Therapeutic Diet Adherence
Feeding Assistance
Dementia and Alzheimer’s care
Emotional Support and Calming Reassurance
Cognitive Function exercises
Support to ease Sundowning

End-of-Life Care
Collaboration with hospice or home health care

Transportation and accompaniment to:
Primary Care Provider visits
Dialysis appointments
Specialist appointments
Physical and Occupational Therapy appointments
Lab and diagnostic appointments
Surgery appointments
Pharmacy pick up

Around the House Help
Washing dishes
Change & wash bed linens
Bedroom cleaning
Pet care
Restroom cleaning
Additional Services Home care, Portland
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