Rachel Haynes, Marriage & Family Therapist

Rachel Haynes, Marriage & Family Therapist
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Rachel Haynes, Marriage & Family Therapist

My approach:
Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy which celebrates the uniqueness of each of us as human beings. It acknowledges that we are aware of
ourselves and our world. It also acknowledges that we can change our existence by exploring in depth how we have formed our view of
ourselves and the world. Then, we have the choice to keep what supports our fuller living and let go of what inhibits our fuller living.

Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy also involves the exploration of certain universal themes of existence. These include ideas that we
all grapple with, such as:

engaging in life while knowing we all die
finding meaning when confronting emptiness
needing to be in relationship and needing to be alone
wanting freedom while having responsibility

Principles of Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy:

Supports the exploration of what it means to exist, and what it means to be human.
Supports the sovereignty of each individual’s unique subjective experience.
Supports the intuitive and irrational so we can move into balance with the rational and methodical.
Supports the attitude of being open to include the full spectrum of feelings and thoughts of which human beings are capable.
Supports Maslow’s higher values of being human such as Truth, Beauty and Justice.
Supports people to be more fully alive and vital.
Supports one’s capacity to actualize in their lives fully.
Supports the belief that human beings, if supported to be their authentic selves, will ultimately act in the best interests of themselves, of each other, of their community, and of the planet as a whole.
Primary Specialty

Marriage & Family Therapist

Gender Female
Services I provide psychotherapy for the treatment of a variety of issues including depression, issues with addiction, and challenging life transitions. My areas of specialization include helping individuals, couples, and families cope with substance abuse, anxiety grief and loss, and other health concerns that are having a negative impact in their lives. I have extensive experience working with adolescents as well as substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders.
I work from an Existential-Humanistic perspective. This approach involves the exploration of how you can live your life more consciously. This allows for an unfolding process of discovering yourself. It assumes you are responsible for how you exist in the world and how you respond to the conditions and challenges presented to you.
In the exploration of your inner life, you find your unique identity. By listening to yourself in the moment, you discover who you are and find your place in the world. You are able to live with integrity and authenticity.
The results of this approach are a greater awareness of the wide range of choices we have, the ability to make effective decisions, an increased sense of personal power, and the discovery of deeper meaning in your life.
I work with individuals, couples, families, and groups providing life-changing, in-depth psychotherapy. Some issues I facilitate with my clients to explore include:
Personal Growth
Life transitions
Relationship concerns
Chemical Dependency
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