Mahria Thompson, Life-Mastery Life Coach Mahria

Mahria Thompson, Life-Mastery Life Coach Mahria
Life Coaching: Spirituality; Life Direction; Relationships, Sex & Intimacy, Law of Attraction, Addictions, Weight Loss Resler & Orizaba Ave El Paso, TX 79912

Mahria Thompson, Life-Mastery Life Coach Mahria

Having a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, Life-Mastery Coach Mahria Thompson has offered Coaching and Counseling for over 25 years. Her office is near Resler and Orizaba, in El Paso, TX, 79912. Call her at 505-730-4377.

Coach Mahria sees clients during the day, with last appointment at 5:30 p.m.

Her work is based on Universal and Spiritual Truths, backed with her knowledge of psychology.

Coach Mahria wrote a best-selling book, "The Consciousness Code 7 Keys to Awakening," which made the Amazon Kindle #1 Best-Seller list in 2015. It is based on A Course in Miracles and the Holy Bible.

Her services are powerful and create satisfying results. You are provided an emotionally safe space in totally private and peaceful surroundings, where you can freely express your true feelings. Many people automatically reveal things they have never told anyone because they feel so comfortable with Mahria. Everything is held confidential.

Life-Mastery Coach Mahria is professionally trained and follows the rules of Ethics of her profession.

Mahria, herself, has survived a very challenging childhood, suffering every kind of abuse, which left her emotionally wounded and socially handicapped. Like others, she turned to substances which became addictive, but was healed of them, as she became awakened spiritually and was guided into higher truth. This led her to healing deep wounds from her childhood.

Because of her vast experience in healing and awakening Spiritually, she is able to relate to the various challenges clients present. She can explain why they attracted those challenges and then teach them how they are resolved

Coach Mahria is unbiased. She feels we are all doing life as it is presented to us, in the way we need to at the moment. There is no judgment. We create lessons so that we can learn. The whole purpose is to evolve our soul and come to know ourselves and learn how to live a happier life. We each have a gift to offer, which brings us the greatest joy and happiness. However, if we have blocks in our energy field because of life problems, this robs our joy and freedom to be ourselves, and also inhibits our creativity.

Get coached, inspired and renewed with Mastery-Coach Mahria. Call her at her office near Resler and Orizaba, in El Paso, TX, 79912, at 505-730-4377.

"Come and see me and I will lead you to a higher path of clarity, freedom, joy, and creativity!"
Years In Practice 43
Primary Specialty


Gender Female
Education Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY

Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages: French, Spanish, English
Training Clinic work at the University.
Student Teaching.
Certification Have been licensed in Tennessee, New Mexico, and Washington State as an LPCC. Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. And licensed as a teacher in TN, WA, and OK.
Office Staff Life-Mastery Coach Mahria
Payment Options Cash, Credit Card, or Paypal
Services Life-Mastery Coach Mahria offers professional, effective coaching in any area of life that challenges you, or that you would like to change.


Being held accountable whIle being coached builds a powerful energy in you that motivates and pushes you forward, making you excited to get to report back to someone who's on your side. Having at least one person believe in you is all it takes to build faith in yourself and become successful in life. She will continually encourage you and bring out your best. You will find the ability within that you didn't know were there, to do all your desire in your life.

Contact Life-Mastery Coach Mahria at 505-730-4377, can make an appointment to go see her at Resler/Orizaba area in El Paso, TX. 79912. Begin an exciting new direction in your life!

Coach Mahria has traveled the US and Mexico offering workshops on Self-Improvement, Inner Healing, Addictions and Relationship Therapy, as well as Law of Attraction techniques for manifesting your desires.

She has created and presented many groups on Self-Growth, Inner Healing, Personal Power, Manifesting Your Desires, Women's Groups, Healing Relationships, Weight Management, and Healing Illness.

Very effective and life-changing Individual and Couple's Counseling are offered by Coach Mahria. She uses various techniques, depending on the situation. To put everything out in the light clears your mind for you to understand yourself, see a higher perspective, and give new energy to forge ahead on your way to meet your goal. She will be validating and supporting you all the way.

Coach Mahria believes our mind is all powerful. To be conscious of your inner thoughts and emotions is the first step to managing your inner world. When thoughts or emotions are not aired, they keep you stuck, going in circles in your mind, and keep you feeling stressed and hindered!

Coach Mahria will help you get free in your mind so you can allow joy and happiness to surface again. She will validate right choices and support you in learning to manage your state of mind so that you can always be open for the best to unfold in your life. Our outer world reflects our inner state of being. We rule our world by ruling our mind. Coach Mahria will show you how to do that.

Give her a call at 505-730-4377. Her office is in West El Paso near Resler and Orizaba.
Additional Services Spirituality; Relationships; Sex & Intimacy; Couple's Counseling; Law of Attraction; Inner Healing; Abuse; Life Path; Recovery
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