Jeremy Frank, Addiction Psychologist

Jeremy Frank, Addiction Psychologist
Jeremy Frank Phd CADC Philadelphia Psychologist and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor 2 Bala Plaza, 333 East City Ave 333 East City Ave Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Jeremy Frank, Addiction Psychologist

Jeremy Frank and Associates is a group of like-minded clinicians who treat substance use disorders and other mental health concerns with primarily evidenced-based and empirically informed approaches to counseling.

We understand that there is no one treatment for addictive-like behaviors and mental health issues that will work for everyone. And so we take pride in having a wide range of experience in techniques and approaches that have been shown to be effective in a variety of ways.

For example, while we support abstinence for clients who need or want to be abstinent, we know that many clients are not ready to be abstinent and first want to work to determine whether they can be social or recreational users. Rarely have we seen it work to tell someone to stop drinking. If that worked you probably wouldn’t be looking for information on this site. Good therapy helps individuals achieve their goals in their own terms, with free will, self determinism and collaboration. Our therapists are specially trained in the use of Harm Reduction approaches, which help people learn to to take better care of themselves, be safe and make improvements in their habits and their lives.

We are equally and well equipped if it is necessary to become sober and remain abstinent to offer evidenced based strategies including 1) cognitive behavioral therapy and relapse prevention, 2) motivational enhancement therapy, 3) twelve step facilitation therapy, 4) mindfulness based relapse prevention and mindfulness based stress reduction, 5) psychoeducation in Vaillant’s four factors widely shown to be effective in relapse prevention as well as adjunctive work such as DBT, EMDR, trauma work and a variety of behavioral psychology approaches.

We can consult with and evaluate individuals seeking all levels of substance use, abuse and dependence and to help them and their families make decisions about what level of care is appropriate for them including outpatient, medication management, detox, inpatient, sober living and intensive outpatient. We are highly experienced and competent in treating behavioral addiction such as addictions to sex, love, gambling, shopping and food.

As addictive disorders most commonly present with additional mental health concerns, we select clinicians competent in treatment depression, anxiety, eating disorders, family, marital, and relationship issues, stress, sexual orientation and much more.

Dr. Jeremy Frank who oversees Jeremy Frank and Associates is in recovery from personal addiction with over 25 years of sobriety having chosen to get clean and sober at age 25. He lives with his wife and two children in Philadelphia and is an avid soccer player and gardener which are part and parcel examples of and a testament to people’s ability to trade compulsive behaviors for positive addictions, structure, social support and ritualized dependency on healthy alternatives in one’s life. He seeks to help others find meaning and purpose in their lives, and to support connection in intimate relationships with friends and family.
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Addiction Counselor

Services There are a lot of ways that as a psychologist I can help. It can be helpful to ask me for exactly what you are looking for if you know what that is. Of course, many clients do not know exactly what they want or need, and so meeting allows us to clarify that. The majority of my work is with individuals, but I also work with couples, family members and families. Starting with a consultation or even a phone call, we can quickly determine what options you might have and what would be the best way to pursue them. Sometimes, I can refer you right away to a more appropriate resource or colleague and oftentimes just a few questions can enable you to know if it makes sense for us to meet.

There are no stupid questions to ask and please feel free to ask ANYTHING that you would like. As a psychotherapist or talk therapist it is my job to be the quarterback for your treatment. If you need additional resources like to consult with a psychiatrist or to do psychological testing, meet with a nutritionist, physician or try your first AA meeting, I consider it my role to help and support you through making those connections. Therapy or counseling does not start and end with your therapist. In fact, the goal of therapy is to eventually not need a therapist anymore. In the meanwhile, I can help by coordinating your services and helping you to choose what services might be most helpful to you.

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