Mira Luna Hilton, LMT

Mira  Luna Hilton, LMT
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Mira Luna Hilton, LMT

Centered Bodywork: Orthopedic Massage and Structural Integration ( www.centeredbodywork.com ) in Sellwood/ Westmoreland and NW Portland, OR offers highly skilled orthopedic bodywork and structural integration. I help reduce pain, improve mobility and posture. We take for granted that as we age, we will have more pain and be able to move less. It's simply a myth that this process is inevitable. We can roll back time for your body with advanced bodywork techniques by releasing the areas that have become stuck. And you can keep them from getting stuck again by being active or doing movement therapy.

Structural and orthopedic bodywork requires a high level of training, including advanced assessment skills and a variety of techniques to resolve challenging cases. This high level of skill means you will receive more benefit from each session. I know how to assess the exact problem areas efficiently and go straight to work with appropriate techniques, like: myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, and facilitated stretching. With orthopedic bodywork, I get you back to work and exercising faster and reduce the likelihood of more expensive medical interventions.

More tools in my toolkit means I can give you what's appropriate for you, not just the modality that I know and like to do. And I have the credentials to back it up. Medical massage therapists often have education about what not to do, but the training does not teach you much about what TO do. That's where orthopedic and structural integration training comes in. Structural Integration combined with orthopedic bodywork is even more powerful, because it's the most effective work for significant change in posture, pain and mobility I've ever learned, studying many, many different kinds of bodywork from all over the world. And it works for most conditions.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if we are a good fit:
Are you motivated to feel better and move more? Do you have chronic pain? Is a recent or old injury still limiting your mobility? Is office posture weighing you down? Do you want to improve your sports performance? Have you been to see massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors and orthopedic doctors and still have unresolved issues?

I see frustrated clients at the end of the line, with challenging cases, ready to give up on what they love doing or go into surgery. Many of my clients in this position get full or partial resolution of symptoms, because I can get to the root of their problems. I can achieve better results by knowing where to go and what to do very efficiently. That takes experience and advanced training. I trained with the three of the most skilled orthopedic bodywork therapists in the US, the best two Rolfers in Oregon, and Craniosacral, Ashiatsu, Acupressure, Tui Na and Thai masters from around the country.

A typical orthopedic or structural bodywork session looks like this:
- I listen to your issues and case history.
- I assess your full body movement and posture.
- We develop a tailored series of sessions to your specific needs with appropriate techniques.
- I work diligently at releasing what's stuck, whether it's fascial, neuromuscular or emotional. Unlike most massage, I don't give up and move on because an area is stubborn or painful. I readjust my techniques until we make progress.
- I reassess frequently throughout the session to make sure we are making progress and you leave balanced.
- And then I give you suggestions for self healing in between sessions.

If you want a more nurturing session with some therapy:
I integrate your concerns into a more relaxing bodywork session, which can be performed on a table (a fusion of therapeutic deep tissue, acupressure, and craniosacral) or on the mat (a Thai and Barefoot Shiatsu session with more a sports massage feel.). I call this type of the session "the mix." Yes, it can be so relaxing that you fall asleep.

OR License #19977 (Heather Young)
Primary Specialty

Massage Therapist

Gender Female
Education Northwest Center for Structural Integration
Arvigo Insitute
Whitney Lowe Clinical Massage Institute
McKinnon Institute of Massage
Acupressure Institute
Visionary Craniosacral
Certification Orthopedic Bodywork
Structural Integration
Maya Abdominal Therapy
Services Orthopedic Massage
Structural Integration
Clinical Massage
Repetitive Stress Injuries
Medical Massage
Myofascial Release
Neuromuscular Therapy
Car Accident Massage
Sports Massage
Additional Services Orthopedic Massage, Clinical Massage, Medical Massage, Structural Integration, Rolfing, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral, Neuromuscular Therapy, Car Accident Massage, Sports Massage
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