Services by Leah Robbins, Clinical Psychologist in Del Mar, CA

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a safe, natural and noninvasive form of healing that works well in conjunction with psychotherapy to balance, clear blocks and release heavy emotions. A Reiki Treatment feels like a relaxing flow of energy moving through you. Reiki treats the whole person; thus the body, mind, emotions and spirit receive beneficial effects that includ...
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Meditation and Guided Imagery

Meditation can help reduce anxiety and manage stress. It assists with relaxation and a feeling of inner peace.
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Online course: Infant Attachment (6 CE)

How we attach to others affects how we regulate stress and emotions and the toll that takes on our body. A healthy attachment is at the core of our emotional and physical well-being.

This course offers a review of the literature on attachment theory and the relationship ...
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Supervises Psychological Assistants

Dr. Robbins supervises Psychological Assistants. A Psychological Assistants is a pre-licensed professional who has a doctorate degree in psychology. They are accruing hours toward licensure. They are registered with the board of psychology in the state they conduct therapy and are employees of a supervising licensed psychologist.
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Therapy with Dr. Robbins can give you tools to better handle stress so you can stay grounded through challenging times. Help break unhealthy patterns of thinking and feeling and improve the way you interact with the world. Help you with increasing self-awareness, transformation, and helping you find the path to your highest potential. Schedul...
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