Monica Cisneros, Chiropractic Physician

Monica Cisneros, Chiropractic Physician
Monica Cisneros, DC 6715 Kingery Highway Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Monica Cisneros, Chiropractic Physician

Bioidmetrics Integrative Medicine Institure, has specialized chiropractic physicians certified in the latest evidence-based therapies; offering state of the art facility; advanced laboratory and diagnostic test, and patient's tailored treatments for their biochemical individuality. Advanced credentialing in functional medicine is at the core of our philosophy to address underlying dysfunctions and dysregulations from cumulative biochemical effects or traumas and not limited to musculoskeletal conditions. Our treatment requires integrated medical model not limited to drugs and surgeries but effective interventions: manual therapies (manipulation and soft tissue technique), correctional exercise and rehabilitation, specialized orthomolecular and nutraceutical formulations and acupuncture. Vitamin, mineral, fatty acids, and nutrient supplements helps prevent chronic disease by numerous mechanisms including modulation of gene transcription, improving DNA repair and stability and enhancing metabolic efficiency.
Primary Specialty

Chiropractic Internist

Gender Female
Services This center of excellence is headed by medical director: Dr. Monica Cisneros to fill the needs of most Americans who are in dire need for a comprehensive medical approach which is patient-centered not symptom-driven. 

Many Americans are being bounced to different specialities, however pain (a siren that whails) crosses all organs systems in the body and treatment requires integrated medical model in order to achieve successful resolution to their medical problems. The American health system is undergoing changes and patients are doom to be lost in the process and this poses a threat to the health of our nation. Americans deserve to live healthy lives and deserve compassionate and comprehensive medical care from medical providers who share the same goals: patient first and do no harm. Additional Services functional medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, laboratory, impulse IQ, power plate
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