Lisa Bellini, Life Coach, Spiritual Guide,Indigo Child

Lisa Bellini, Life Coach, Spiritual Guide,Indigo Child
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Lisa Bellini, Life Coach, Spiritual Guide,Indigo Child

Lisa Bellini is a Life Coach, Empowered Healer, Light Worker, Indigo Starseed & Spiritual Educator

Lisa has been blessed to receive spiritual abilities ‘gifts’ that can guide you through your life’s plan and yoursoul’s contracts. These contracts are agreed upon before birth by your soul and soul family which take on a precise assignment. Since the past can influence the present and the decisions made today shape the future, you need to attain a special clarity to recognize your path. This clarity results in a higher state of awareness and vibration stemming from your heart. Emotional, physical and mental healing in addition to internalspiritual growth will transpire through communication with Spirit and Lisa’s guidance.

Through Lisa’s messages that she receives from her higher self, spiritual council and life experiences,she has developed an ability that helps her to heal and guide people find their specific path which they need to follow in order to embrace, enhance and enlighten their lives. Lisa delivers the messages received from her inner soul through Spirit who urges her to communicate with her clients clearly and concisely. Since each individual is unique and have their own predetermination, there are several areas where she will enable you to become personally aware. Healing, visiting past incarnations, resolving present issues and providing future direction is where Spirit guides Lisa to share and verbalize to you specifically.

There were many higher frequency souls on this planet at this time. Children born without clarity these older souls will be led down a path filled with fear, anger and animosity rather than a life filled with compassion, joy, and bliss. Not fulfilling these predetermined goals, prevents you from living a happy life and creates a path to return again for another incarnation.

Seeking clarity, self-empowerment and a higher state of consciousness enables you to make cognizant decisions as you move forward. Raising your frequency assists in finding and fulfilling your life path, purpose and destiny.

As an Initiate and Guide of the Hierarchy of Light, Brotherhood and Sisterhood of light, Lisa's website,, will guide you through the use of many specific tools enabling healing and attaining your higher vibration. The body will be balanced through the light stemming from the heart working with meditation and Godconsciousness. Your life force energy will be enlightened and directed to the path of higher vibration connecting to your intuitive perception. You will be amazed as you are brought to awareness and balance which will bring you inner peace.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Lisa uses tools to attain knowledge and understanding of your personal direction. She offers modalities of a higher frequency through tools such as meditation, spiritual development, the crystal pyramid technique, crystal healing, spiritual guiding, a 24 Strand DNA Activation, Adam Kadmon’s Activation and several others.

Come and orchestrate your destiny through Spirit and Lisa’s guidance.
Primary Specialty

Holistic Care

Gender Female
Services Reading, Palm, Photo, Mediumship, Channeled, 24 Strand Codon (DNA) Reading
Energy Healing and Medicine
Crystal Healing – High Vibrational, Reiki Healing, Emotional Cord Cutting, Auric Sweeping and Clearing,
Negative Energy Removal, Blockage Removal, Chakra Clearing, balance and Realignment, Starseed healing, Clear Energy and Etheric Body of all Life Debris, Activate your Circuits, Clear all negative contracts, Clear all psychic attacks, 24 Strand DNA Activation, Adam Kadmon Activation, 24 Codon Reading, Soul Path clearing, Spiritual Life Coach, Awakening Guidance and Support
Indigo child or adult support, Crystal support, Family Support, Individual support and guidance
Spiritual Development, group classes
Tap into all of your abilities, Awakening your Heart, the Gateway to Heaven, Meditation, Automatic writing, Individual and Group Sessions, Past life regression, Living with indigo energy, traits and abilities, Awakening, traits and symptoms
Introduction to Crystals, Crystal Power, Crystal Gridding, Clear your environment, Protect yourself from Psychic Attack, Sacred Geometries, Astral Travel, Meditation Basic, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Living a positive Life Style, Emotional Release, Mental Clarity, Turning Point, Awakening to your Life Purpose, Spiritual Development, Medical Intuitive – certification class, Adept Initiation – certification class, Crystal Pyramid Technique – certification class, Living with indigo energy, Who are the star children, Moving into the age of Aquarius, Waking up to the truth, Dowsing, Gifts of the spirit, Importance for raising your Vibration, Orgone, Seeing Aura, Our Energy Body, Adam Kadmon – certification class, 24 Strand DNA Activation – certification class, 24 Codon Reading – certification class
Additional Services Indigo Child, Crystal and Reiki
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