Jason Cundiff, MD, FACS

Jason Cundiff, MD, FACS
Otolaryngology 390 Congress Pkwy. M Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Jason Cundiff, MD, FACS

Dr. Jason Cundiff is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. He completed his training at University of Illinois in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Cundiff is thoroughly trained in the medical and surgical treatment of disease of the ear, nose and throat and related structures of the head and neck. Dr. Cundiff’s training also exposed him to world leaders of both Otology (ear surgery) and Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery of the head and neck.
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Services Dr. Jason Cundiff manages and provides both medical and surgical treatment for all aspects of the ear, nose, and throat and related structures of the head and neck. Below are just a few highlights of his extensive services he provides:

Minimally invasive in-office sinus surgery:
Balloon Sinuplasty™ is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat sinusitis. This technology has been available for use in the operating room since 2005. It is now available for use in the convenience of the office setting.
Candidates for Balloon Sinuplasty are anesthetized with topical anesthetic. I have found this is very well tolerated in almost all patients. Then using a small endoscope with a camera attached; a guide, small balloon, and lighted guide-wire are positioned into the sinus to be dilated. The balloon is then inflated, and in less than 10 to 15 seconds the sinus dilation is completed. The next sinus is then treated. There is no removal of tissue so bleeding is minimal. Return to normal daily activities is almost immediate.

Pediatric ENT:
National health statistics reveal that pediatric ear, nose, and throat disorders remain among the primary reasons children visit a physician, with ear infections ranking as the number 1 reason for an appointment. From earaches to enlarged tonsils, kids can suffer from a variety of ailments that require prompt diagnosis and treatment. Children can also suffer from conditions normally only associated with adults, like chronic acid reflux and sleep apnea, which may require a visit to a specialist.

Dr. Cundiff spent 6 months of extensive training at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. A large part of his practice involves the care and management of kids.

Cochlear implants:
A cochlear implant is an electronic device that restores partial hearing to the deaf. It is surgically implanted in the inner ear and activated by a device worn outside the ear. Unlike a hearing aid, it does not make sound louder or clearer. Instead, the device bypasses damaged parts of the auditory system and directly stimulates the nerve of hearing, allowing individuals who are profoundly hearing impaired to receive sound.
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