Johanna Wendell, MA, LAPC

Johanna Wendell, MA, LAPC
Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, and Mental Health/Educational Evaluations 800 Kennesaw Avenue Suite 320 Marietta, GA 30060

Johanna Wendell, MA, LAPC

I am a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, body dysmorphia, anxiety disorders, ADHD, depression, trauma, grief, addictions, substance use disorders, relationship/marital difficulties, insomnia, anger/rage issues, etc. I also provide assessments for ADHD, learning disorders, substance use, mental health disorders and personality disorders. I work with older children (8+), adolescents and adults and provide individual counseling, couple's counseling, group therapy, life coaching, guidance counseling, and psychological and educational evaluations. I work at two locations: 1) 800 Kennesaw Avenue Suite 320, Marietta, GA 30060, and 2) TRU Integrative Health and Wellness at 3116 Maple St. Atlanta, GA 30305. I have appt times Monday - Sunday. I also provide phone sessions for your convenience. My sessions are $125, and I offer a sliding scale to help those with financial constraints. Also, if you have insurance, I am happy to offer you sessions comparable to the price of your copay.

My goal as a mental health counselor is to help you achieve your goals. I will certainly help you define your goals if right now you are simply not sure what is wrong and/or what you want to change, but my place is not to impose my values, judgments, or goals on you. I am here for you. My purpose is to help you figure out what the problem(s) is that is impacting your life, which you may already know, (e.g., chronic depression, a painful trauma history, overwhelming anxiety, problems at home, a stressful work environment, etc) and how you and I can collaboratively work together to treat the problem, whether it be externally, internally, or in most cases both. I will teach techniques and strategies that I have learned are most helpful for particular concerns (e.g., coping techniques for anxiety) and help you work through your difficulties by identifying the root of the problem, what is maintaining the problem, and identifying feasible, do-able, effective ways to treat the problem that appeal to your strengths and preferences. We will consistently monitor your progress with regard to your goals and accordingly direct our future sessions. I will provide the utmost support, empathy, and care I can to help you get to

My Motto: Practice What You Preach

I would never recommend something unless I had personally tried it, as I am a huge proponent of "Practice what you preach." I will be the first to proudly say that therapy has completely transformed my life. It is a way for us to solve our problems in the long-term, identify blind spots we have lived with our entire lives and change thoughts/behaviors that may have been negatively impacting us without our awareness for years, and help us recognize and enhance our strengths (e.g., increase work productivity, increase social skills). I would never ask something of you that I would not ask of myself. I have been where you may be right now-feeling like all hope is lost and that things could never possibly change or get better. A therapist changed my mind when he helped change my life, and I have been dedicated to this field ever since.

Anyone can benefit from counseling, as we all can benefit from self-improvement, and counseling is simply deciding to take measures to improve ourselves, by enhancing our coping skills, strengths, work-life balance, relationships, holistic well-being and happiness. Through personal experience and seeing the lives of my clients dramatically improve, I know therapy is extremely effective. I have had severely depressed clients who had lost all hope and contemplated suicide become some of the most positive, happy people I have ever met. I have had clients who suffered from severe anxiety disorders (OCD, panic disorder, social phobia) overcome their fears, which they never would have imagined possible. I have helped clients overcome their eating disorders that they suffered with for far too many years, which nearly killed them. There is no bigger reward than seeing my clients' lives dramatically transform in front of my eyes. Helping my clients overcome their struggles and live the life they never dreamed possible is the best feeling in the world. I aspire to help you achieve the life you so desire and deserve. It is amazing to just have the opportunity to work with you and be a part of your life journey of self-improvement and see the positive transformations that take place. I am 110% invested in your treatment.
Years In Practice 11
Primary Specialty


Gender Female
Education I received my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Georgia State University. I obtained my BA in Psychology with a minor in Communication Studies from West Virginia University.
Training Over the past five years, I have worked at Grady Hospital, leading groups to individuals suffering from severe mental disorders, Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders, an outpatient eating disorder facility in which I provided individual as well as many different group therapies to clients suffering from eating and other related disorders, and Emory University's Counseling center, where I counseled undergraduate and graduate students with an array of mental health concerns. I also worked at the Regents Center for Learning Disorders for two years, where under the supervision of licensed psychologists, I provided comprehensive neuro-psychological evaluations to college students, scored and interpreted results, wrote reports, held feedback sessions, and provided recommendations for accommodations. I also worked at the Georgia State University Psychology Clinic for three years, providing long-term individual counseling services to members of the community.
Affiliations LPCA
Certification LAPC
Payment Options Cash
Services I utilize different theoretical orientations (e.g., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, psychodynamic) contingent upon the clients' needs. I have extensive training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Christian Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy. I primarily counsel adolescents and adults with eating disorders, anxiety disorders (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, specific phobias, Generalized Anxiety Disorder), PTSD, trauma, severe depression, ADHD, substance use disorders, relationship/marital difficulties, insomnia, addictions, grief, low self-esteem, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders. Much of my counseling has also focused on replacing maladaptive coping with more adaptive and long-lasting effective coping strategies, improving relationship problems, parenting, social skills, assertive communication, and anger/rage difficulties. I also often incorporate mindfulness and meditation techniques into my practice for those who are interested.

I also provide life coaching and guidance counseling for those who would like assistance with achieving present and future life (e.g., career, relationship, education, spirituality, finance, etc.) goals to optimize their life satisfaction.

I also conduct mental health/psychological evaluations for those who are interested in being assessed for ADHD, learning disorders, mental health/personality disorders, or who are court-ordered to receive mental health evaluations.
Additional Services Life Coach, Psychological/Educational Evaluations
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