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Yao  Lu, Dr
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Yao Lu, Dr

Welcome to Auricular Medicine International Research & Training Center online! For more than 10 years, we have provided to all people worldwide with professional auricular medicine services to help improve their mental and physical health. Our services are perfect for anyone who wishes to enhance their current health, relieve pain and stress, or recover from illness or injury.

What is Auricular Medicine?

Auricular Medicine is a highly developed system of eastern alternative diagnosis and treatment both practice and theory, discovering ailments anywhere in the human body by carefully examining the ear area, which the well trained practitioner can accurately determine symptoms and root causes of diseases.

Auricular Diagnosis, unlike any other medical systems, auricular medicine can examine the physical conditions of a person in a very simple, low cost, but precise way. By checking different auricular points, one can get information about the health condition of a person. More importantly, it can also give the history information of the diseases and also predicts the potentials of certain diseases such as diabetes. Other medical systems are imprecise or complex, expensive, and time consuming.

What is The Chinese Acupuncture?

Chinese Acupuncture is a series of precise procedures involving penetration of the human skin with needles to stimulate certain body Meridians points on the body. According to the teaching of traditional Chinese medicine, stimulating specific acupuncture points corrects and balance the flow of Qi(Called the inner energy of life) through channels known as Meridians.
Chinese Acupuncture is known as complementary alternative eastern functional medicine to the western world. it helps support your body's natural ability to heal itself, and can be effective for providing relief from a wide range of physical and emotional concerns. It is also a great way to become more effective at understanding your body's unique needs and coping mechanisms, allowing you to regain and maintain your own health and emotional well-being.
Years In Practice 18
Primary Specialty


Gender Female
Education Beijing Medical College,China in 1987
Training Auricular Medicine Therapy
Affiliations Advancement Of Oriental medicine In Alabama(AOMA)
Director Of World Academy Of Auricular Medicine
Certification Auricular Medicine Master
Office Staff Yao Lu is a Licensed Acupuncturist in AL,USA, also a Licensed Acupuncturist in Canada, the director of Auricular Medicine Center. She graduated from Beijing Medical College, Beijing, China in 1987. She has worked in Department of Pathology in Great Wall Hospital in Beijing in the early years, and worked in Department of Medicine in McMaster University in Canada in 2000-2005.
Services We offer various type Acupuncture medicine services as following:

Chronicle Ache Treatment:

Fibromyositis of shoulder and back, mid back pain, sciatic neuralgia, gout, history of injuries, tennis or golf elbow, tingling, arthritis, periarthritis shoulder, cramps.

Disturbed Nerve Function Treatment:

Neurasthenia insomnia, depression treatment, nerve system, numbness, migraine, anxiety, fatigue, psychoneurosis, facial paralysis, disturbed function of autonomic nerve, stroke paralysis.

Allergic Diseases Treatment:

Pollen hypersensitivity, Seasonal Allergies, nasal symptom allergies.

Internal Diseases Treatment:

Asthma, bronchitis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, consternation, hemorrhoid, diarrhea, chronic cholecystitis.

Chinese Cupping Service:

Cupping therapy is an Chinese alternative medicine where using a small glass cup with heat created by fire to generate a suction in the surface of the skin which could mobilize the blood flow movement to promote different type of pain and self healing.

Chinese Acupressure Service:

Chinese Acupressure is an alternative ancient healing medicine which using a set of standard finger massage movement on human body healing points, the purpose of the acupressure practice is to stimulate the body's natural self healing abilities.

Chinese Moxibustion Service:

Moxibustion is a Alternative traditional Chinese medicine therapy using Moxa made from dried Mugwort.

Chinese Gua Sha Service:

Gua Sha means scraping bruises on the skin, it is a alternative traditional Chinese medicine treatment in which the skin is scraped to produce light bruising.

Chinese Reflexology Service:

Reflexology is focusing special type of massage movement on the areas of the feet that practitioners believe correspond with organs in different part the body to diagnosis and promote healing.

Chinese Herbs:

Chinese Herbs is the eastern alternative traditional theory of Chinese herbal therapy, which is a part of nutritional treatments consisted in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

And a Lot Acupuncture medicine not to list here

Additional Services Auricular Medicine
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