Mark Pendergrass , Dr.

Mark  Pendergrass , Dr.

Mark Pendergrass , Dr.

Drs. Mark and Liz Pendergrass are Maximized Living Chiropractors practicing the most modern and cutting-edge spinal corrective care techniques today. While educating their patients about the 5 Essentials of Health, Dr. Mark and Liz are able to help a countless number of people transform their health and their lives with an all-natural approach. No matter where on the health spectrum you may find yourself, by utilizing Maximized Living and the 5 Essentials of health, your body has no choice but to begin functioning and healing better than it ever has before. No drugs, no surgery, just the power that made the body heals the body from above down, inside out.
Years In Practice 11
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Gender Male
Services Family Wellness, Structural Correction, The 5 essentials Additional Services Health and wellness
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I did not visit this provider, but wanted to share a comment he put on a cancer survivors Facebook post. She is very concerned about the public not wearing masks, and recently lost a friend to COVID. This is his reply.

Calm yourself down. Masks are unscientific and pointless. Germs don’t even get people sick. Weak immune systems do. The conversation should be about total body health and keeping yourself in a high functioning state so you don’t have to worry about viruses.

The death rate of this is pathetically low also. Like inconsequentially low. Like less then a normal flu season low.

I understand you may have lost someone :(...but I HIGHLY doubt it was FROM covid. Maybe WITH covid but there were definitely underlying problems...and their tests have a 50% false positive rate so who knows really :(.

But yelling about masks certainly is not the answer. Logically it makes literally no sense and has no real science backing it up.

You can wear a mask if you’d like, your statement above is highly ignorant and kind of embarrassing when you understand health and science and viruses.
by Kay
August 07, 2020