Jonathan Currier, Doctor of Chiropractic

Jonathan Currier, Doctor of Chiropractic
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Jonathan Currier, Doctor of Chiropractic

LifeSpine is different from other chiropractic clinics. In addition to treating your pain or symptoms we do all that is possible to identify the underlying cause of your condition and work to correct it. The result carries long lasting benefits that will improve your body’s naturally healing ability and enhance your overall quality of life.

Dr. Currier successfully cares for patients of all ages; with a wide variety of health concerns. Traditionally, patients seek help for chronic pain syndromes such as: low back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, and complications from disc bulges or degenerative arthritis. However, Dr. Currier specializes in supportive care for women during pregnancy and wellness care for newborns, infants, and children.

Our chief aim at LifeSpine is to have a positive impact on all of our patients with each and every visit. We encourage our patients to share their clinic experience with others, so they can pay-forward the gift of health that true chiropractic care provides.

At LifeSpine Health Enhancement Center, "We Make Healthy Possible".
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Manual TechniquesShiloh IL Chiropractor LifeSpine
“Traditional” hands-on form of treatment that typically produces a “pop” within the joint when adjusted. The noise heard is not harmful. It is simply gas quickly leaving the joint space.
Instrument or Table Assisted Techniques
Dr. Currier is often sought out for his “non-traditional” methods of adjusting. These methods are best suited for pregnant women, newborns, infants, children, the elderly, and those with advanced arthritis or osteoporosis (brittle bones). Dr. J’s gentle and effective style of adjusting is extremely comfortable for those patients who need the care, but without the “popping”.
MASSAGE THERAPYSwansea Illinois Chiropractic Clinic Massage Suite
Soft-tissue massage is helpful in recovery from acute injuries such as a car or sporting accident, and also aids in the rehabilitation of common chronic pain syndromes such as low back pain or neck pain. You do not have to be a chiropractic patient at LifeSpine to enjoy the relaxation and rejuvenation a massage will bring!
Dr. Currier uses Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) testing to specifically identify the balance of essential vitamins and minerals as well as heavy metal toxicity that could be the underlying cause of your health concern. Once revealed, dietary and supplement recommendations can be tailored to suit your needs to optimize your health naturally.
Many conditions benefit from HTMA, such as: ADHD, Allergies, Acne, Headaches, Mood disturbances, Anemia, Hair Loss, Immune Deficiencies, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, and Arthritic conditions.
There are three distinct curves found in the healthy spine (neck, mid back, and low back). These curves act as a natural form of shock absorption that protect the joints and muscles of the spine. Injuries, car accidents, slips and falls, and prolonged sitting or computer use causes these curves to wear down over time. This leads to pain and joint damage over time (arthritis).
Dr. Currier is trained in special methods of adjusting and rehabilitative strategies that aid in restoring the spinal curves back towards normal. This provides a lasting benefit that not only reduces pain, but slows the progression of arthritis know as “degenerative disc disease”.
Many first-timers do not even feel the hair-like needles being carefully placed just under the skins surface. But many report feeling improvements after just one session! Acupuncture is an ancient Eastern practice that taps into the body’s own energy channels to aid in relief and healing.
Additional Services pediatrics, pregnancy,
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