JULIE RHOADS, D.C. practices as a Chiropractor in SPRINGFIELD, MO.
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Services JULIE RHOADS, D.C. practices at 1424 E CHERRY ST SUITE A, SPRINGFIELD, MO 65802. Chiropractors diagnose and treat common spinal misalignments that can occur from lifestyle or injuries causing pain, discomfort and degenerative conditions.

JULIE RHOADS, D.C. may be able to treat; back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sports injuries, and auto accident injuries.

To learn more, or to make an appointment with JULIE RHOADS, D.C. in SPRINGFIELD, MO, please call (417) 886-5363 for more information.
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I was terrified. I was on my way to see another chiropractor,and I was afraid I would not be able to ever afford the care I desperately needed.

The previous chiropractor at Twin Oaks in Southern Springfield did not seem interested in me more than a form of income. The office at twin Oaks though nice, looked more of a massage parlor/doctors office. Whereas the Julie Rhoads chiropractor office that I am now going to, gives more of a homey and more focused on actual care vibe then all the fancy decorations at other offices. You can really tell this office focuses on the care, pain management, and overall health of the people coming in rather than only what is pleasing to the eye to draw you in to get your money. My total bill with Julie came to $52.

Now for the differences in care plan/treatment. Twin Oaks plan of care for me was going to the office three times a week through October, and at close to $100 a visit and sometimes more (depending on all the random procedures they wanted me to do) that's minimum $300 a week, with a $700 deposit on top of that makes Twin Oaks NOT financially feasible for people who make under $3000 a month with a family of five.

I had tried Twin Oaks acupuncture, and although the needles were painless the procedure it's self literally had me in tears. My back felt worse than it did before came in. After leaving and feeling like I had just run a marathon, around six hours after the visit to twin Oaks, my back did feel slightly improved, but not 12 hours after I felt that tiny improvement, my back was worse than ever before. I was no longer able to walk without assistance (I am 29 with three children under the age of 10), and I was seriously worried about possibly losing my license because I could not control the twitching in my back and legs.

With Julie Rhoads DC However, she was much more thorough and paid far closer attention to what she was doing. She saw the mental state the pain was putting me in. She didn't push my body past what it can do in range of motion She would stop when my body naturally wanted to stop and she felt the resistance, unlike twin Oaks. She was very gentle, and asked lots of questions about how my body was reacting to what she was doing so she would not hurt me, because after all you don't need a hurt someone to see where their pain begins.

For the acupuncture, we both chose not to do chiropractor alignment with as much swelling and tenderness in my back It would be difficult and extremely painful, so we started with acupuncture. I got undressed and lay down on the table. Julie came in the room, put lotion to my back and did a light massage to find my target areas. After she found my target areas and then she got really thorough with the needles LOL. I had needles in my neck, I had needles all over my back, I had needles in my hips, I had needles in my ankles, I had needles in my calves, I had needles in the sides of my calves, I had needles next to my ears LOL and with each needle she would palpate the area to find the best spot that would get the most benefit and she would then put the needle there.

I did feel the needles, they felt like tiny pinches, but not too bad, and some I did not feel at all. At twin Oaks, I was left in the room in severe pain crying from the pain for 20 minutes without being checked on. With Julie, she checked on me at 10 minutes and then again at 20 to pull out the needles. I was so relaxed during that 20 minutes with no pain amazingly that I almost fell asleep and was actually startled when she opened the door for the 10 minute check up to see how I was doing and if I needed anything.

After I was dressed we discussed a treatment plan, telling her about my previous treatment plan with twin Oaks, she said that that amount of treatments should be completely unnecessary. Saying it's very difficult to say how many treatments a person will need, and that she would be shocked if I did not see some sort of drastic improvement by the fifth sixth or seventh treatment.

All in all this experience with Julie Rhoads DC have left me very excited about my future without pain. On the drive home I was smiling and happy and seem to the songs that no longer hurt to turn the car, energy is moving through me again, and it has been several hours and although I am in pain and will need continued treatment I am able to walk with out falling down. I am so grateful that she has not chosen to charge what she is worth, I am half tempted to make her my new emergency contact lol . Why pay more and receive less care, compassion, and to be treated as only a means of income when you can try Julie Rhoads. Truly Springfield's best-kept secret of affordable natural health in Springfield. With out her I would be in a world of unbelievable pain she actually was able to help, now I am not worried about being a driving hazard or not being able to hold and hug my kids, Thank you Julie,Thank You.
by Charlsey Swanson Oft xxx.xxx.243.23
March 03, 2016