Max Pohl, D.C

Max Pohl, D.C

Max Pohl, D.C

t Balance Chiropractic, we help people who need it the most - people who have tried everything else with no success.

Our primary focus is on a unique area of chiropractic called Foundational Correction. Unlike traditional chiropractic goals which include reducing pain, increasing range of motion and decreasing muscular spasm, Foundational Correction aims to correct the human spine much like a foundational contractor would. If the foundation of a house were to slip even a couple inches in one corner, many secondary conditions (symptoms) may become present. These secondary conditions often include creaky floorboards, windows that don't close properly, or cracks in the walls. Instead of patching the walls, lubing the windows or putting another nail in the floorboards, a foundational contractor would aim to correct the primary cause of these dysfunctions.

By examining and correcting the foundation of the human body (the region closest to the brain stem), Balance Chiropractic has had incredible success with a wide array of secondary conditions (symptoms).

We have helped patients with:

-Chronic Neck pain- from car accidents, spinal injuries, “failed” neck fusions and surgeries
-Facial pain- Trigeminal Neuralgia, Bell’s Palsy
-Chronic Low back pain- “failed” surgeries, herniated discs, chronic neuropathy,, chronic sciatica
-Upper back pain- chronic digestive problems frequently refer pain to the mid-thoracic spine
Phantom pain- post-surgery or traumatic injury chronic pain
-Spinal cord injuries- from car accidents and severe falls that haven’t healed to their maximum ability

-Manic depression
-Chronic headaches
-Chronic migraines
-Stroke victims

-Multiple sclerosis
-Parkinson's disease

If you're ready to open the healing potential from within so your body has the best possible opportunity to heal, please call us. We'd love to help.
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Services Correcting Foundational Shifts of the Human Spine
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