April Ralph, D.C.

April Ralph, D.C.
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April Ralph, D.C.

Dr. April Ralph is a chiropractor serving the greater Huntsville area. She and her team of dedicated professionals at Chiropractic Solutions offer health care targeted to your unique needs.

Treatment of the spine with chiropractic care is the BEST way to assure that messages to and from your central nervous system are making it to their intended target. For optimal functional neurology, it is important to make sure that your body is not hindering its own best intent!

If you have a specific complaint such as back pain, headaches, neck pain , shoulder limitations or fallen arches, Dr. Ralph can evaluate your specific situation and provide the best chiropractic care for you. Each new patient encounter begins with a comprehensive review of your health history, a thorough examination and usually spinal X-Rays. This will allow Dr. Ralph to accurately diagnose your condition and determine if chiropractic care is a for for your specific situation or concern. She will then share the results with you and explain her recommended treatment plan.

Even if you don't have a specific complaint, regular chiropractic adjustments are excellent preventative maintenance for your body's central nervous system and will have a positive effect on your overall health.

If you have questions about the concept of chiropractic care for optimal function or just want to know if chiropractic care might be able help you, call us today at (256) 650-0051 to set up a FREE consultation with Dr. Ralph.
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Dr. Ralph and the staff at Chiropractic Solutions take great pleasure in providing each of our patients the finest in chiropractic care. Through continuing education and self-study, Dr. Ralph has become an expert in Activator Methods Technique. This technique allows the practitioner to evaluate an individual’s response to neurological challenges at each vertebral level. Like getting instant lab results that indicate whether the nervous system can communicate freely with the body at that level, Dr. Ralph uses the feedback to determine where to adjust, how (what direction) to adjust, and where NOT to adjust.

Manual adjustments are also provided at Chiropractic Solutions. Dr. Ralph incorporates adjustments from Diversified Methods, Thompson Drop Technique, and Pierce Technique.

Therapeutic Services

In-office therapies are used at Chiropractic Solutions to complement the adjustment experience and help your body heal faster. As clinically appropriate, we use moist heat packs, flexible ice packs, interferential electrical stimulation, and ultrasound therapy.

Corrective Exercises

As appropriate to your condition, Dr. Ralph will also recommend corrective exercises or therapies for you to do at home. Remember that we are anxious to work WITH you toward improved health, and that means that you will be doing some of the work on your own.

Lifestyle Advice

With many health conditions, we have a huge impact on our own destiny by the decisions we make about what are commonly referred to as “lifestyle choices”. Often, Dr. Ralph, will recommend changes that will benefit your situation. You will experience individualized attention and information at Chiropractic Solutions.

Community Events

Dr. Ralph is available as a speaker for events, meetings, or health classes. She has spoken in the corporate setting, school settings (elementary through college), and at numerous civic meetings. If you need a speaker for your group, ask Dr. Ralph! Chiropractic Solutions also participates in health fairs, community outreach programs, and the annual Huntsville Seniors Expo. We take the upbeat, holistic, natural chiropractic approach “on the road” you might say.
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