Felicia Leipold, Chiropractor

Felicia Leipold, Chiropractor
National Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation Inc. 9501 Old Annapolis Road, #301 9501 Old Annapolis Road Ellicott City, MD 21042

Felicia Leipold, Chiropractor

National Chiropractic Health & Sports Rehabilitation has been provided Chirpractic care for 32 years and specializes in sports medicine and family care. The clinicians provide specific quality chiropractic adjustments, palliative modalities, and active rehabilitation for the central Maryland community We have a strong passion for helping people and athletes live pain-free lives through the application of natural, effective chiropractic methods.

National’s chiropractors determine diagnoses and facilitate treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and perform full spine adjustment techniques including Activator, Gonstead, Graston, Flexion & Distraction, and extremities. Mastery of these techniques is critical to our philosophy that individualized patient care allows people to achieve optimal health results.

The mission of National is to provide quality transformative care to relieve pain and restore health to the general and athletic patient populations. Patients who are treated by our clinic benefit through extensive experience in sports chiropractic and athletic training. The clinic offers a variety of techniques to significantly reduce pain and minimize the risk of injury reoccurrence through patient education. Patient education is of the utmost importance to help you not just get better but stay better.

Each patient’s treatment plan is individualized to their specific needs. It is then explained in detail during a review of findings, allowing the patient to be fully involved in their recovery. It is our goal to get you back to work and athletics faster.
Primary Specialty

Chiropractic Sports Physician

Gender Female
Services Sports Injury Rehab

Our chiropractors are experts in the field of sports injuries, so whether you’re a high-performing athlete or a weekend warrior, we can help you prevent injury and maintain peak performance. Our team is trained in treating both sports-related injuries as well as neuromusculoskeletal conditions that effect performance during activity.

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Auto Accident & Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident and need help, our chiropractic team is here. We offer comprehensive consultations with exams that include diagnosis of your condition as well as prescribe treatment programs designed specifically to treat your need.

Strengthening Exercises & Stretches

We know how tough it is to heal from an injury when you’re not able to exercise or stretch. That’s why we teach our patients corrective exercises that will relieve pain and help them recover faster! These personalized programs can be done at home, which means you willl have more time for their healing outside of the chiropractic clinic as well.

Lifestyle Advice

National Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation offers a variety of services that help people lead healthier lives, including lifestyle advice. This service is designed to maintain your wellness by changing work egronomics or adopting stress relief techniques in addition to picking up other healthy habits on an everyday basis. We educate patients how to help themselves outside of the office time

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Family Care

We see patients of all ages. If you or your children participate in everyday life, we know how to keep you at peak performance and how to deal with injuries should they occur. Chiropractic is a drug-free way to manage pain and discomfort during pregnancy. We also know that everyday things happen. You can pull something in your sleep or twist something when you move. Come see us to get you back into action if your body hurts from using a computer or playing soccer. We will help you get back on track!

Wellness Care

We don’t abandon you once your injury is healed. We strive for long-term patient relationships where we are here to help in a crisis and to keep you from being in crisis. Consistent chiropractic care has been shown to improve overall health and well-being. Seeing a chiropractor regularly is crucial and we can customize the frequency of visits to meet your needs.
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