Steven Crotzer, DC

Steven Crotzer, DC
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Steven Crotzer, DC

The goal of Advanced Spine & Disc Center is to permanently eliminate or reduce patient’s chronic lower back pain (lasting 4 weeks or longer), without surgery or drugs, at a price that beats any competition. Primary treatment is done using the DRS Spinal Decompression System (Distraction Reduction Stabilization), generally regarded as one of the most effective decompression systems available. In a modern medical environment that can’t yet offer artificial spinal discs or lower back replacement surgery, this technology is simply the best option for truly effective pain relief for most patients. Weight loss treatments ranging from laser body contouring to acoustic liposuction are also available in order to maximize gains when excess abdominal weight is part of the low back pain complex. Additional therapies, most notably K-Laser brand LLLT Type III Laser Therapy, is also used as needed to maximize results. ASDC is a service-first environment. We realize that low back pain is a complex process, and that there is no typical back pain patient with typical spinal injuries and symptoms. This is at the heart of what we do. Our single focus is on helping people get rid of lower back pain, permanently. It’s literally all we do, and with this focus comes excellent results.
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Services Spinal Decompression (DRS Systems), Cold Laser (K-Laser), Body Contouring (Alma XL), Infra-Red Body Wraps (Vela Shape, Formostar), physical therapy, nutritional counseling.

We cure lower back pain caused by bulged, herniated, and degenerative discs, facet syndrome sciatica and other lower extremity; buttock and leg pain, other peripheral neuropathy, and lateral recess stenosis. All without drugs or surgery. On a case by case basis, we consult with patients to determine if spinal decompression is right for them. We then offer individual, complete spinal decompression protocols aimed at resolving a patient’s specific problems. We maximize results with sensible weight loss options such as infra-red body wraps, laser body contouring, and liposuction, lower back exercise therapy, and by addressing nutrition and hydration issues. We recognize that lower back pain is a complex problem, as unique as each patient, and insist that all treatment is supervised by a Doctor of Chiropractic with expert level knowledge of spinal health and lower back injury. This tight focus is the key to achieving excellent results for a wide range of patients. At Advanced Spine & Disc Center, we fix bad backs.

This varies from patient to patient depending on severity of injury, number of spinal disc affected, and general health and fitness level of each patient. High levels of hydration (often tripling water intake for the duration of treatment) can help maximize results.

Typical spinal decompression protocols range from 15-20 treatments. Patients usually start to notice improvements such as a reduction in pain and increased lower back mobility and reduction in stiffness in as little 6 treatments. This is an excellent prognostic indicator that very good clinical results will be achieved by the end of the protocol. It is always recommended that patients finish the protocol; unless the lower back injury was completely the result of one traumatic injury, lower back pain is usually a process that took years to develop. It is typical for patients to continue improving in terms of pain reduction, range of motion and increased function for up to 9 months after the complete protocol has been administered.

Advanced Spine & Disc Center is proud to offer K-Laser as part of our lower-back treatment programs. Why K-Laser? The short answer is that it gets results. Combined with Spinal Decompression, K-Laser is an effective, painless (patients report that it actually feels good), non-surgical, medication-free way to solve your lower-back pain problem.

K-Laser is a Class III Cold Laser used to relieve inflammation and aid in the healing of soft tissues like ligament, tendon, and muscle. The “Cold” in cold laser means that it doesn’t generate the high levels of heat typical of the more powerful Class IV lasers used for things like surgery and hair removal. Cold lasers are unique in being one of the few modalities that help ligaments and tendons heal—these types of connective tissue have a very poor blood supply, and thus heal very slowly (or not at all!).

Put simply, cold lasers like K-Laser speed the healing process (and reduce inflammation) by helping the cells in the injured tissue produce more energy. This happens at the sub-cellular level, in the mitochondria where ATP (a cellular energy chemical) is produced. With more energy available, tissues perform energy-intensive activities such as healing and getting rid of inflammation much better. A secondary effect of cold laser therapy is increasing blood flow to the injured area—this helps reduce inflammation and “wash away” metabolic waste.

K-Laser protocols consist of about ten treatments, sometimes more or less as needed. Treatment is typically painless, with many patients reporting a warm, pleasant feeling during treatment. The actual laser light looks like a (very) large red laser-pointer. Sessions are typically six minutes long. K-Laser is extremely versatile, with many different settings designed to penetrate different tissue types.
Other uses of K-Laser include helping cuts in the skin heal and treating toenail fungus, although ASDC only uses it for musculoskeletal conditions like lower-back pain. Overall, we find that Spinal Decompression combined with cold laser therapy to be an extremely effective combination to treat lower-back pain without drugs or surgery. Call (724) 709-0667 today to schedule a free consultation to see if this is the answer to your stubborn lower-back pain.
Additional Services Spinal Decompression, Pain Management
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