Rafael Torres

Rafael Torres
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Rafael Torres

Don't let stiffness and pain stop you from living a healthier and happier life. Through Movement & Posture Restoration, we can restore your posture, mobility, speed and performance.

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Rafael Torres
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Personal Trainer

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Services Reduce Or Eliminate Pain And Tightness From Your Sport And Workout Injuries, Improve Your Posture, And Build A Stronger, Faster And More Athletic Body!
You are the captain of your body and you decide what activity you’re going to do, but while you’re making decisions on what to do, your nervous system is figuring out how.
However, over time, the effects of age, the force of gravity, and injuries have disrupted your brain’s movement map and dimmed the signals between your brain and your muscles.
Common Complaints When Your Brain And Your Muscles Have Weak Communication
1. Poor posture.
2. Pain, tightness or stiffness.
3. Limited range of motion.
4. Numbness or tingling.
5. Loss of strength.
6. Feeling clumsy.
7. Decreased athletic performance.
8. Discomfort when standing, sitting or lying.

Three Steps To Reset Your Body
1. Correct the inputs into your nervous system to improve posture and allow your body to perform better.
2. Re-educate your body’s movement patterns by integrating your visual, vestibular and proprioceptive systems.
3. Restore appropriate neuromuscular communication so your muscles have the appropriate tension.
Additional Services Muscle Activation Techniques, Movement & Posture Restoration
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