Rebecca Beene, LMT

Rebecca Beene, LMT
It's Your Massage 3313 Parkway South Huntsville, AL 35801

Rebecca Beene, LMT

Hello, this is Rebecca Beene, theBoard Certified Massage Therapist owner of It's Your Massage in Huntsville, Alabama.

I've been in private practice here since 203 and I'm enjoying the stability and commitment to my work.

My philosophy of therapeutic massage is that it is a form of health care, based in studies of anatomy and physiology. Our traditions in massage therapy are shared by our professional colleagues in physical therapy. Interestingly, we branched into our own traditions, many of which are culturally based as well as being grounded in the science of anatomy and in the study of movement.

Here, at It's Your Massage, we are a family-friendly professional service. The office is arranged for visiting before your session. I like to get to know you well enough to perform the various massage styles that are useful for you.

You might imagine that I work in a wide range of massage methods, from very light and delicate contact through very heavy or intense pressures.

It all depends on you, your zone of comfort and your goals.

For some people, this may mean that they get to drift away for a small vacation from life, much like lying on a beach with the rhythms of the ocean wave.

Other people have a goal-oriented treatment to address pain, or to refine their overall fitness program. We certainly do treat sore muscles from a huge array of any activity.

We work with people who have medical diagnoses to manage, like fibromyalgia, migraine headache, Parkinson's Disease, injury, surgery, arthritis, and disabilities.

Of course, many people find that therapeutic massage has a calming effect for them that allows them to sleep better at night, for example, or to enjoy living life again, simply because they're more comfortable and relaxed.

Massage can be energizing, too! You feel better.

Naturally, I am an advocate of many things:

my clients and patients,
NCBTMB Board Certification
drinking adequate amounts of water for essential hydration,
MLD Vodder Method
The Balanced Body as studied with Don Scheumann,
Hawaiin Lomi as studied in Atlanta and in Hawaii,
advanced learning through continuing education,
maintaining a safe and healthy workplace,
the health of all my clients and patients,
my own health.

The Table:

Yes, the table that I use for you to lie upon, is custom-built with unique features that allow You, to experience all the techniques that I practice. It is this table, with the adjusting heights, for you to have, perhaps, the greatest benefit of therapeutic massage.

I wish to emulate the qualities of my very talented instructors in their training of me and in their own practices in therapeutic massage.

That is what I have to bring to you in your experience.

After all, It's Your Massage.

And, finally, though really, from the start, we are licensed and regulated by the state. Alabama requires all licensed practitioners to publish this information for you and my number is 1613.

In 2015, we are pleased to announce the re-opening of my office in Midtown Huntsville.
Years In Practice 18
Primary Specialty

Massage Therapist

Education Graduate Studies in Fine Arts and Psychology
Bachelor of Science in Human Development
Training Therapeutic Massage in Atlanta GA
Hawaiian Lomi, Modern Interpretation, Maui HI
MLD, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Vodder method
Affiliations NCBTMB Board Certified Massage Therapist
AMTA American Massage Therapy Association since 2003
NCBTMB Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, 11 years
Certification MLD Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Vodder method
Hawaiian Lomi, modern interpretation
Integrated and Deep Tissue Massage, COMTA Certified
NMT Neuromuscular Therapy Certified
Swedish Massage Certified
Office Staff Massage Therapists are licensed by the State of Alabama.
Payment Options All first-time appointments are made by phone.
You may pay by card, check or cash.
Services From Light to Heavy:

MLD Manual Lymphatic Drainage,
some Trager-myofascial-stretching-movement,
NMT Neuromuscular Therapy,
Integrated Deep Tissue (this is a specialty certification),
Hawaiian Lomi.

Generally, for any of the reasons that you may be choosing massage, I will observe the "balance" of your body. That is, I practice helping your muscles to return to their neutral state.

This is relaxing, it is therapeutic, and it is used to address pain and to improve comfort and movement.

Possibly, all people for whom I apply therapeutic massage, learn something about themselves.

Sessions here are for a full hour of massage time on the table or 1.5 hours, if that is what you arrange.

I'll use the creams or oils that you prefer, get the temperatures just right for you, and choose music for your contentment.

My services for you begin when you make that first phone call!
I will gather some brief, general info on the phone and make your appointment.

When you arrive, you have time to inform me about you. You will notice that there is a generous area for sitting and visiting.

We respect your privacy and modesty. You are given comfortable time to lie upon a well-cushioned table and I'll ask if you are ready before entering the massage treatment room with you.

The sheets are soft and adequately cover all body types. You will like them!

Everything is adjustable so that you are comfortable.

While I'm getting to know you, I will ask you about pressures as I work with you.

You may choose to talk or not to talk during your session. Any conversation is centered on you and your session.

All of your information remains private at It's Your Massage.

At the conclusion of your massage session, I remind you to move slowly from the table. I leave the therapy room for you to get up and to get dressed.

At any time, you will get to tell me all about your health! From the beginning I'll want to know your general health information. Nothing unusual, just the usual health history. This ensures that I do all the things that are correct as a professional massage therapist. And, I don't share your information with anyone.

This is in the tradition of Hawaii. It is how I was trained to practice by taking the time to know you.

You can count on my maintaining confidentiality, privacy and modesty.

If this is a new experience for you, please let me know. I'll be glad to explain anything for you. No problem.

After your massage and you're up and about, I'll have water for you and you may critique your massage session to me. Whatever you have to say, I'll be interested in.

Setting your appointments is easy and convenient.

Once you're established here, text and email can be used to reserve time for yourself.

I provide reminder calls for people who ask for that.

Receipts are written at your request.

It's Your Massage and Rebecca Beene, LMT 1613 are qualified for insurance purposes, referrals, and professional notation.

Thanks for having the interest and for taking the time to read all about our services here. I'll be glad to hear from you for your appointments or even for you to review my working and writing styles!

Enjoy your life. Take care of yourself.

Rebecca Beene

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Rebecca is excellent both at providing a relaxing massage and at working on problem areas. I have sought her help after visiting physical therapy which did not fix the problem. She was much more effective. I highly recommend her to anyone.
by Randy
January 25, 2016