Jackie Krammer, Homeopathic Practitioner

Jackie Krammer, Homeopathic Practitioner
Jackie Krammer Classical Homeopathy 4306 Bryant Avenue S Minneapolis, MN 55409

Jackie Krammer, Homeopathic Practitioner

Address your health issues in a natural, deep, and lasting way through homeopathy. The symptoms you are experiencing are part of a bigger picture. I provide homeopathic care that addresses your health problem while supporting overall wellness. Conditions that I treat include: allergies, asthma, migraines and headaches, digestive issues, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

I am a nationally certified, experienced homeopathic practitioner who works with individuals and families in the Twin Cities area. My special areas of focus: families with children; pregnant women; nursing mothers and infants; teenagers; young adults, and women at menopause and beyond. My passion is providing care that is personal and professional.

Your first question is probably whether I treat your current health problem. Homeopathy can help with a wide range of acute situations like childhood ear infections and surgical preparation, and ongoing problems like allergies, asthma, skin conditions, and depression. Whether you have a diagnosed issue or something just doesn’t “feel right,” I will work with you to get you back to feeling your best.
Primary Specialty

Holistic Care

Services I am a homeopathic practitioner who treats a range of health issues. Homeopathy addresses symptoms as well as the conditions behind them. Unlike conventional treatments that just keep disease symptoms in check, homeopathic care goes deeper to bring lasting results while supporting your physical and emotional health.

Services include:
• Treatment of acute health problems
• Treatment of chronic, longstanding health conditions
• Natural solutions for anxiety and depression
• Support of recovery from illness or injury
• Promotion of physical and emotional health, bringing an increase in energy, vitality, and immunity
Additional Services Homeopathy
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