Brian Solofsky, D.C.

Brian Solofsky, D.C.
176 B York Road Warminster, PA 18974

Brian Solofsky, D.C.

Brian Solofsky, D.C. practices as a Chiropractor in Warminster, PA.
Years In Practice 23
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Services Brian Solofsky, D.C. practices at 176 B York Road, Warminster, PA 18974. Chiropractors diagnose and treat common spinal misalignments that can occur from lifestyle or injuries causing pain, discomfort and degenerative conditions.

Brian Solofsky, D.C. may be able to treat; back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sports injuries, and auto accident injuries.

To learn more, or to make an appointment with Brian Solofsky, D.C. in Warminster, PA, please call (215) 443-7779 for more information.
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I've tried chiropractic adjustments twice before, and as a trained massage therapist, I was not trained to think very highly about the profession. The "problem" with it as a field, I was taught, is that you might significantly move the bones -- but if you do not engage in an exercise routine to strengthen the muscles to hold them in their new alignment, you are flushing your money away!

My first two experiences with a chiropractor involved such minimal touching or manipulation whatsoever (it almost felt more like some weird form of trigger point therapy) -- I was left feeling thoroughly gypped, vindicated, and pissed off.

My experiences with Mr. Solofsky gave me an entirely new perspective on the POTENTIAL of the field. He engaged in a whole world of implementation (all based on the CRUCIAL FOUNDATION OF X-RAYS, TO DETERMINE WHERE YOUR BODY IS OUT OF ALIGNMENT, and most important of all, where malalignments that over TIME will lead to such debilitating, life-changing conditions such as bone fusions and bulging and herniating discs -- so you can "head them off at the pass" so to speak.

Solofsky engages in ALL of those modalities and goes to great lengths to not just keep on top of the LATEST advances in his field, but even is being sought as the lead speaker at chiropractic conventions and as the lead author in the latest books for fellow practitioners in the field.

My conclusion?

Chiropractic work WITHOUT muscle training (in a routine ideally established by a competent PT, which you can continue to carry on at home, without continuing to pay for visits, provided you have mastered the routines and have the DISCIPLINE to do them on your own), should be a part of any person's self-care and "preventative care" as far as their physiological (physical body) health.

But the KEY is finding the RIGHT chiropractors because I STILL believe most of them are lazy scheisters who are JUST reigning in the dough.

X) If your chiropractor does NOT do X-rays in your initial visits -- don't go back.

X) If your chiropractor does not use mechanized (electric) implements to soften muscles and work on the tight areas that are pulling you out of alignment -- don't go back.

X) Don't waste your money on chiro if you are NOT committed to concument weight training. To do otherwise is to just do the lazy way out, and you will (over time) hemorrhage vast amounts of money. If you can afford it? Well, I guess it's your money. But NOTHING compensates for maintaining your muscle mass. (Chiro also does NOTHING to maintain your cardiac health, which can only be done through high-intensity, sweat-inducing workouts.)

*** The BEST use of chiro (in my opinion) is to do a full workup and establish you baseline (at whatever age your are) and identify what disease processes will continue if you don't intervene -- and then through exercise, PT, and occasional adjustments, continue to maintain your best possible posture. Every few years, you should re-do the X-rays to see how you are doing.

*** Also, if you are in acute pain, or have been through a dramatic event such as a car crash or a fall down the stairs, chiro will do wonders to get you quickly aligned, (rather than suffer through the potential months of work a modality like therapeutic massage or PT will also accomplish) -- it will save you the months of discomfort in between! But remember, chiro should NOT be the end of your self-care!

Consider this massage therapist converted if you can manage to find the RIGHT chiro in the sea of incompetent/lazy people who are just in it because it's a lucrative field.
by Francis Gilbreath
April 12, 2023