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The Hungry Heart

The Hungry Heart is a state-of-the-art weight loss center in San Diego, CA. Their team of nutritional counselors, behavior modification specialists, and hypnotherapists will show clients how to move past their negative preoccupation with eating and weight loss and move towards a more rewarding and satisfying life. The Hungry Heart's programs give clients the tools they need to take charge of their health, maintain permanent weight loss, and achieve optimal health. They create delicious, healthy meal plans that don't deprive clients or leave them feeling hungry. The weight loss programs may include behavioral and nutritional counseling combined with hypnosis to reinforce new behaviors and thought patterns. The Hungry Heart provides their weight loss counseling for clients struggling with a multitude of issue including emotional over eating, weight loss, yo-yo dieting, food addiction, bulimia, and more. The Hungry Heart has helped thousands of clients who are struggling with weight loss take the extra weight off and lead a healthy, happy life.

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Services The Hungry Heart's weight loss center in San Diego, CA, provides a step by step program that teaches clients how to stop the diet binge cycle and lose the weight naturally. Their programs have been highly successful for many clients struggling with weight loss, emotional over eating, yo-yo dieting, food addiction, and bulimia. As former overeaters themselves, the team at The Hungry Heart understand how difficult weight loss can be and offer a truly caring approach to out of control eating. For more information about the Hungry Heart's weight loss center in San Diego, CA or to speak to one of the weight loss consultants, call (858) 480-7282.
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I have been working the Hungry Heart program with a counselor in San Diego. I am feeling confident and strong. This program will help you get the constant thoughts about food out of your head. It is not a diet program, it is a life changing program. If you are thinking about Hungry Heart, do it! You will be thrilled with the results.
When I first started Hungry Heart, I had long given up on my health and well being. I knew diets didn’t work for me, so I didn’t even try them. The first thing I learned when I started the program was that I have a calming problem and had been using food as an outlet for my emotions. The more I ate, the less I had to feel what I didn't want to feel. I've lost over 60lbs. More importantly, I've learned that the stressful energy had to go somewhere, so I was subconsciously diverting the extra energy to chewing and digesting excess food. I have been learning to identify my current patterns and beliefs about the choices I make and managing my emotions, and as a result, I’m continually working to create new beliefs that serve my well-being. I am getting better and better and definitely moving in the direction where I no longer eat mindlessly to satisfy emotional hunger.
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