Kelly Lewallen, LMFT

Kelly Lewallen, LMFT
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Kelly Lewallen, LMFT

Marriage and Family

The well-being of families and relationships is paramount in the success of any culture. By nature, humans are meant to exist in families. With the changing face of families it is important to help individuals adjust and grow. We can do some of our best growth with the correct support and nurturance from our loved ones.

In therapy, couples and families can come to know the unique differences of its members and how to utilize and communicate powerfully and effectively at all developmental levels. Understanding and respecting gender differences also aids individuals in supporting each other.

Families and individuals go through developmental changes throughout our lifetimes. We struggle with new relationships, terrible twos, avoidant/seeking children, rebellious teens, launching young adults, reconnecting with our spouses after raising children, retirement issues and end of life issues. Just to mention a few! As we raise ourselves and our families, therapy can often be a useful tool as our lives change and expand.

Primary Specialty

Marriage & Family Therapist

Gender Female
Services In the Area of Eating Compulsivity

Kelly has worked in the area of weight loss since the early 1980s as a Nutritionist, with a degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Washington. Eating compulsivity and obesity are areas she is passionate about helping her clients recover from. Since dieting fails 95% of dieters (weight is lost and regained within one year), she tailors her work to the individual and their relationships, traumas, beliefs and behaviors around food and eating.

She focuses on her client's relationship with food. She begins with mindfulness training in regards to food and her client's awareness of their bodies. In addition, she treats individuals with traumas related to food and body identity, using EMDR, a scientifically valid treatment for traumas. Family issues around food/eating and control are also addressed. With her clients, she addresses behavioral changes and different tools her clients can utilize to address their eating compulsivity and weight issues.

You didnt fail your diet, your diet failed you is her favorite motto and she is working diligently with her colleagues to end the cycle of obesity and dieting and eating compulsivity. For more information, please call to set up a consultation.

Individual Therapy

In her practice, Kelly sees a range of individuals with varying issues. She treats anxiety and mood disorders. In addition, she works with individuals with substance abuse and addiction in their lives or those of their loved ones. Addiction includes alcohol and other substances, gambling, sexual compulsivity and spending. Trauma work, such as accidents, abuse, natural and manmade disasters, are frequently reprocessed through talk therapy or EMDR (a specific treatment modality for trauma).

In addition to private therapy, Kelly often augments her work with referrals to community resources such as other medical personnel, AA, NA and other support groups. Her clients range in age from four on up. In her desert practice, she sees a significant amount of adolescents and the elderly.

Please feel free to call for more information, a referral or to make an appointment.
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