Lynda Wells, PhD

Lynda Wells, PhD
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Lynda Wells, PhD

Wellspring Integrated Health Care in beautiful South County, RI, provides a setting in which patients are empowered through education and involvement in their own care. The patient and Dr. Wells work together to improve or restore the patient's health to its optimal level. Many kinds of testing are used to determine the root causes of the symptoms. Dr. Wells uses diverse alternatives to drugs and surgery, such as Clinical Nutrition and Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy, Hatha Yoga, Reiki, Japanese Magnetic Healing, and Colon Cleansing.
CLINICAL NUTRITION: Nutrition and the therapeutic use of foods has always been a cornerstone of natural medicine. Many medical conditions can be treated as effectively with foods, nutritional supplements, and natural metabolites as they can by any other means, but with fewer complications and side effects. A growing body of scientific knowledge in this area validates this.
BOTANICAL MEDICINE: Not only do plants have important nutrients, many plant substances are gentle yet powerful medicines, with advantages over conventional drugs. They are effective and safe when used properly, in the right dose and in the proper combinations with other herbs or treatments. A resurgence of scientific research in Europe and Asia is demonstrating that some plant substances are superior to synthetic drugs in clinical situations.
PHYDICAL AND ENERGETIC MEDICINE: In the last 100 years, ancient and modern methods, such as hatha yoga, Reiki, acupressure, and colon cleansing have become prevalent in the United States.
OFFICE POLICIES: Office hours are by appointment only. If you have an acute problem, every effort will be made to see you that day. Your first two visits are scheduled for a full hour and the fee for these is $100 and $65 respectively. Return visits are usually a half-hour and are $30. A commitment to 5-10 visits is usually appropriate. Twenty-four hours notice would be appreciated if you need to reschedule your appointment.
In addition to effective clinical services, Wellspring offers herb walks and monthly discussions on natural approaches to several topics including, menopause, chronic childhood ear infections, cholesterol, breast lumps, diabetes, hypoglycemia, gut dysbiosis, detoxification, prostate problems, autoimmune diseases, and any others requested.
We are also able to provide clients with professional quality nutritional and herbal supplements through Metagenics and Emerson Ecologics.

ARTICLE by Dr. Lynda J. Wells

My symptoms are burping, stomach bloating, my stomach upsets easily and I tend to be constipated. I take antacids for the symptoms but do not get much relief. Do you have any ideas to help my digestion?

It sounds like you may have poor stomach output of hydrochloric acid, known as hypochlorhydria. Have a comprehensive stool analysis and a hair analysis to help ascertain if that is the problem.
Hypochlorhydria is fairly common; according to some surveys, a low level of stomach acid occurs in up to 47% of the general population, the highest incidence being found in older people.
Much has been said in the media about too much acid, hyperacidity, and millions of dollars are erroneously spent on antacids, when the opposite problem is often the case - too little acid. The bloating, belching, upset stomach, and constipation that you mention are common symptoms. Some others are listed below.
On the other hand, some people may experience no gastrointestinal symptoms whatsoever. When there are no symptoms, individuals can wind up years later with serious consequences which are never related to the unrecognized hypochlorhydria.
Without acid, the body has a difficult time digesting food. The chief function of stomach acid is the initiation of protein digestion. Without it, proteins putrefy in the intestines which means the bacteria wind up decomposing the protein and producing foul-smelling compounds like hydrogen sulfide gas, cadaverine (what does a name like that tell you?).
Acid secretion is also of fundamental importance in the assimilation of many minerals, and of vitamin B12. Before looking to hormone replacement therapy for prevention of osteoporosis, check your stomach acid. As well as looking to vitamin B12 shots for pernicious anemia, check your stomach acid.
Another important function of hydrochloric acid is the stimulation of pancreatic enzyme and bile release into the small intestine. Without enough pancreatic enzymes and bile, the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins A and E, is severely compromised, inadvertently causing undernutrition even with an excellent diet.
See for the remainder of the article.
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Services Lynda Wells, PhD is a dietitian / nutritionist in Wakefield, RI. Call WELLSPRING Integrated Healthcare at (401) 789-5185 for a detailed description of the services offered for diet, weight loss, nutrition and fat loss.

Contact Lynda Wells, PhD for information about your diet and nutrition needs in Wakefield, RI by calling (401) 789-5185.
Additional Services LDN, CNS - Certified Nutrition Specialist
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