Ileana Gonzalez, Owner

Ileana Gonzalez, Owner
Northern Virginia Ayurvedic Healing 243 Church St NW Suite 200A Vienna, VA 22180

Ileana Gonzalez, Owner

At Apurva Wellness, we are committed to showing our clients the way to integral wellness using the natural approaches given to us through yoga and ayurveda, the ancient healing sciences of India. This holistic wellness approach will help you to lose weight naturally, minimize pain naturally, eliminate toxins, liberate tension, and prevent a number of illnesses. Most importantly, you will obtain balance between mind, body, spirit, and feel better every day.

Services include oil massages, oil treatments, yoga, meditation, and complete wellness programs.
Years In Practice 15
Primary Specialty

Holistic Care

Gender Female
Services Abhyanga massage: full body warm oil massage.
Abhyanga for pregnancy
Abhyanga for weight loss
$85 per session (45 minutes) / $350 voucher 5 sessions

Shirodhara: a steady, rhythmic pouring of oil on the forehead.
$110 per session (30-45 minutes) / $450 voucher 5 sessions

Nasya karma: nasal treatment
$45 per session / $160 voucher 5 sessions (can be combined with karna purna)

Karna purna: ear treatment
$45 per session / $160 voucher 5 sessions (can be combined with nasya karma)

Shiro abhyanga: Head, neck and shoulder massage.
$50 per session (30 minutes) / $210 voucher 5 sessions

Beauty treatment: Face and head massage + face mask. $35 per session (30 minutes) / $150 voucher 5 sessions

Kati Vasti: Lower back rejuvenation therapy.
$100 per session / $400 voucher 5 sessions

Natural health coaching
During the consultations we will discuss: basic philosophy and ayurvedic type, dietary recommendations, health goals, changes to your habits to improve health, rejuvenation and detox programs. $125 first session, $90 consecutive sessions. 1 hour

Packages Panchakarma Bliss:
abhyanga massage (partial)+ shirodhara + nasya karma
$185 per package (2.5 hours)

Total Detox 1:
abhyanga massage + nasya karma
$110 per package (1 hour)

Total Detox 2:
shirodhara + nasya karma
$130 per package (1 hour)

Day Spa:
Abhyanga massage + beauty treatment
$100 per package (1 hour)
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I'm writing this review to share my incredible journey to health through Ayurveda. I struggled with irritable bowel syndrome for years until I found this Ileana Gonzalez, Owner Ayurveda center. The Ayurvedic treatments here worked wonders and completely cured my condition. Looking back on my experience, I see how biomagnetism therapy stood out as a glimmer of hope amid the sea of conventional treatments. At the same time, other drugs could only offer me momentary relief. After a few biomagnetic pair therapy sessions, I was amazed by the therapy's consistent efficacy and results, as its energy-centered methodology restored balance and my overall health. Body pH levels are balanced using biomagnetism therapy, a simple, safe, non-invasive, and effective treatment. I strongly suggest that the practitioners here consider integrating biomagnetism with Ayurveda practice. This combination could offer faster and more effective solutions for various ailments. To learn more, visit Thank you for giving me my health back!
by Ronaldrone
September 07, 2023