Juliet Bruce, Ph.D.

Juliet Bruce, Ph.D.
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Juliet Bruce, Ph.D.

Creative Counseling and Coaching

Theres one constant in life: change.

Like nature, of which we're a part, our lives go through periodic cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Resisting this truth only adds greater suffering to lifes natural pain. And yet, the ego thrives on habit and will fight to maintain the status quo even when it's not a happy one. These days, many people are being asked to reinvent their lives, but are feeling resistant, confused, and powerless.

A story is a metaphorical journey of change -- it begins with crisis, tells of struggle, and ends with transformation in a character and circumstance. For thousands of years, stories have provided roadmaps, blueprints, and scaffolds for navigating change, whether it comes in the form of rebuilding life after loss or seeking greater happiness.

Storymaking, supported by other expressive media, activates your natural powers of resilience and intuition. Having a story consciousness restores freshness and hope to life -- not that things will necessarily work out exactly as you may want them to, but that in the larger picture all is well and that your life is is an ever-evolving journey. It transforms you from a victim of circumstances into the creator of your life.

Are you are feeling stuck or lost at a threshold of change? Are you caught in unhappy circumstances but afraid to change them?

I offer therapeutic storymaking -- supported by music, visual arts, role play, and expressive movement -- to help you embrace, integrate, and find meaning in difficult times; become aware of the underlying stories playing out in your life; disengage from old stories that no longer serve; and create new ones that lead toward greater purpose and satisfaction. The expressive modalities with which I work will help you:

--Release toxic emotions associated with stress, anxiety and depression;

--Take positive action from a place of understanding and compassion in an unhappy relationship or job;

--Clear away buried childhood issues that may be contributing to financial and relationship difficulty;

--Honor grief and find a path forward without leaving your lost loved one behind;

--Step up to personal growth challenges with greater confidence in your ability to move through them successfully;

--Turn career and life transitions into journeys of renewal and rebirth.

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Gender Female
Education Ph.D., Expressive Arts Therapy and Transformational Education, U. of Hawaii International University for Professional Studies, 2001.

M.A., Comparative Literature, Washington University, 1967.

B.A., Comparative Literature, Northwestern University, 1964.
Training Ph.D., Expressive Arts Therapy and Transformational Education
Office Staff Dr. Juliet Bruce
Services Therapeutic writing, journaling, poetry and narrative counseling, visual arts, expressive movement.

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