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Bartholomew T. Vereb, MD
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16 Years In Practice
Primary Specialty


Practice Dynamic Health Associates, P.A.
Gender Male
Education Doctor of Medicine
The Poznań University of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine
Poznań, Poland, European Union

Post-Baccalaureate Studies: Pre-Medical Sciences
Health Careers Program
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Training At Ochsner Clinic Foundation & The Louisiana State University Health Science Center
New Orleans, Louisiana

General Psychiatry Physician-in-Residence
Department of Psychiatry

Infant, Child, & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow
Infant Mental Health Fellow
Department of Psychiatry; Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Medical Intern, General Psychiatry Intern, Physician-in-Residence
Departments of Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Neurology, & Psychiatry
Certification Board Eligible
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN)

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
General Psychiatry

Bartholomew T. Vereb, MD

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Bartholomew T. Vereb is a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Bradenton, Florida (FL) at Dynamic Health Associates. Dr. Vereb specializes in providing psychiatric care to children and teens, but he also sees adults for a wide range of issues. As a leading child and adolescent psychiatrist in Bradenton, FL, Dr. Vereb can help with attention problems, bipolar disorder, depression and many other psychiatric illnesses. He is committed to not only treating illnesses, but to helping his patients optimize their performance, improve their health and feelings of well-being, and get the most out of life.

For an experienced child and adolescent psychiatrist in Bradenton, FL, please call Dynamic Health Associates to make an appointment with Dr. Bartholomew T. Vereb, or visit the website for more information.


Dr. Bartholomew T. Vereb offers child and adolescent psychiatry in Bradenton, Florida (FL) at Dynamic Health Associates. Dr. Vereb uses counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy to address disorders of the mood, mind and well-being. At Dynamic Health Associates, he is able to provide treatment for depression, anxiety, attention problems, bipolar disorder, ADHD and much more. Dr. Vereb can also help with difficult life transitions, family problems, school problems and eating disorders. He is committed to treating the whole person with an approach that extends beyond medication and focuses on overall wellness.

If seeking a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Bradenton, FL who offers counseling, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, please call Dr. Bartholomew T. Vereb at Dynamic Health Associates and schedule an appointment today.