Amanda DiGiovanna

Amanda DiGiovanna
Revolution Yoga 7 North Village Ave. Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Amanda DiGiovanna

Revolution Yoga offers vinyasa, hatha, restorative, prenatal, postnatal, kids, and Mommy & me yoga classes, as well as private sessions. However, students at Revolution know that reflection on the self (and the world!) does not stop at the asana (physical posture). The soul of yoga flourishes at Revolution, where the physical practice paves the way to other avenues of emotional, spiritual, and intellectual discovery, such as meditation, community, and especially the arts.

Many concepts expressed and explored through yoga and meditation speak to the same concepts expressed and explored through the arts. Revolution Yoga honors that inspirational energy can (and should) be devoted to healthy, stimulating, and introspective pursuits off the mat, such as the creation of music, visual art, and dance.

And so is born: Revolution Gallery Space, an art gallery cozily tucked into this Yoga Studios walls. Here, students and local artists are encouraged to dive down deep -- beyond their egos -- and dig up the beauty that is inherent in all, to reveal to all. The Gallery shows themes give artists the opportunity to expound their thoughts, feelings, and visions, and ultimately, spark new ideas in the minds of their audience members.

At Revolution, literature is also an important aspect of yoga. Studio owner, Amanda DiGiovanna says: Literature is the reason why thousands of years later, we still get to practice the techniques described in the Vedas. I chant the same things they did, I breathe the same way they did, and its making not only my life better, but the lives of all of my students, too. Revolutions recognition of literatures connection to yoga inspired its creators to found a monthly book club, as well as a Yoga book library, which students and teachers donate books to. These books are rented out and shared with community members!

Bhakti Yoga (devotional yoga) emphasizes the importance of sacred sound. We are, after all, made of vibrating energy. The right vibration within a note touches one in such a way that s/he could cry -- could feel immense sadness, joy, anger, or a sense of release. Revolution holds a Monthly Kirtan, which allows participants to explore the ancient formulas for creating inner transformation. Revolution also delves into contemporary sounds with live singer/songwriter evenings and open-mic nights. However, live bands are not restricted to special events; students will find them in class playing live music to the yoga flows dished out by Revolutions talented teachers. Its a different energy having a musician flowing in class with you. The students react to the music, the musicians react to the students, its like youre literally creating the music by flowing from posture to posture. This is not an experience to be missed!

Revolution Yogas owner, Amanda DiGiovanna sees her studio as a place to investigate all of her personal passions. My parents always taught me, when choosing a career, do what you would do for free. But the problem was I had so many interests. Revolution Yoga became the solution. Interesting, creative people thrive here; we discuss poetry, make art and music, flow in yoga class, and explore the inner workings of our minds. Its formed into a little Utopian society of artists, eco-conscious people, and yogis. In Nassau County, its hard for people to find that all in one place.

The space itself reflects its creators devotion to eco-friendliness and sustainability. The front desk, molding, couch, and shelves were all fashioned from recycled wood, the flooring is bamboo, and the blocks are cork (a quickly renewable resource). All cleaning supplies are eco-friendly, as well. Even the towels in the bathroom are cloth to encourage the notion (and practice!) of contribution to sustainability. The storefront is filled with fair-trade, artesian, eco-friendly items. Weekly, the students and teachers get organic fruits and veggies delivered from a local food co-op.

Revolution Yoga has two practice spaces and a green boutique. The studio also offers massage therapy, private nutrition consultations, and a variety of other holistic treatments.

In the spirit of seva (service), Revolution Yoga works in tandem with a number of non-for-profit organizations, leading fundraisers and raising awareness.

Revolution Yoga is an open environment, committed to enriching the lives of all who enter through its door! The community excludes no one. Regardless of ones background, practices, interests, beliefs, or phase in life, there is space for him or her to grow at this colorful and innovative studio!

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Yoga Teacher

Services Amanda DiGiovanna is a yoga instructor at 7 North Village Ave., Rockville Centre, NY 11570. Revolution Yoga provides yoga services like Bikram, pilates, prenatal yoga, yoga for beginners and exercise techniques.

Call Amanda DiGiovanna at (516) 619-6421 for a full list of yoga services in Rockville Centre, NY.
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