Kathleen Dunbar, MA, CHT, LMFT

Kathleen Dunbar, MA, CHT, LMFT
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Kathleen Dunbar, MA, CHT, LMFT

Psychotherapy for a Satisfying Life
Fully Experience the Wisdom of Your Own Being

River of Life Healing Arts
Welcome to my profile based on my website, River of Life Healing Arts. I call it this because the river, like the soul, has its own wisdom in finding its path. In our healing work together, I invite you to join me in the flow of life, and fully experience the wise currents of your own being. In indigenous traditions there is a sacred process people go through when they are ready to let go of their old, hurting stories and to embrace their new story.This is the practice of transformation.

When we take the leap to be our true selves, the road rises to support us in ways that we couldnt have imagined. Ill help you learn to hear, trust and follow your wisdom, and tap into your heartfelt and gut-sense knowing. Together we will find your new and beautiful story.

Ive learned transformation, respect and love from the inside-out. What I know in my bones and heart I offer to you: My passion for helping people feel alive, creative and whole lead me to study Hakomi in-depth and become a Certified Hakomi Therapist. The extensive training I received in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy gives me effective tools to help clients resolve past traumatic situations.

Our bodies and imaginations have much to teach us! The palette I offer includes movement practices, Continuum, imagery, creative expression, sandtray, dreamwork, and Psychophysical Therapy.

My interest in energy work and indigenous perspectives has brought me to study with healers and shamans locally and throughout the United States. This work includes Mind Body Integration, Biodynamic Cranial-Sacral, and shamanic work.

Creative expression has been a strong thread in my own healing path and is one of the tools I use in working with clients. Currently I am working on a second CD of original songs.

We experience wholeness when our bodies, minds and spirits are naturally in sync. Our energy then becomes an expression of our true purpose and vitality, and flows easily.

Sometimes, however, we get stuck in old ways of doing things. We act on outdated beliefs and impulses. They keep us smaller, lonelier, needier, tougher, in more drama. These old habits are ways we are still protecting ourselves from difficult things that happened long ago. Back then, we werent old enough or didnt have enough resources to protect, express, or find support for ourselves. Even though that was long ago, we can get stuck in reacting to the present as if it were the past when our hurt child self gets triggered.

We lose our creativity and resiliency. We lose our path.

Sometimes talking is not enough to shift these habits. Thats because the energetic patterns of our hurt child self live not only in our thoughts and beliefs, but in our bodies, especially the belly and heart-area.

Im not safe.
Im not worthy.
Im not loved.
These are some examples of the error messages our child got. We live our lives based on these messages instead of our unique truth when we talk to ourselves in the old hurtful ways. Then our mind and body contracts, our energy gets bound up. We become a limited version of ourselves. Were fighting dragons that are no longer there.

The palette of work I offer will help you:
Discover your unique destiny
Feel good about yourself
Be free to you express yourself
Enjoy intimacy
Take pleasure in life
Make good choices
Be loved and supported
Give love and support

Lineage of Healers
In many indigenous traditions there is a sacred tree where people go when they are ready to let go of their old, hurting stories and to embrace their new story. In some tribes, this tree is tended by an elder of the tribe. This is a practice of transformation. When we engage in the nobility of healing ourselves, not only do we transform ourselves individually, but our family line also heals. Those long gone rest, those yet to come are welcomed in.

The snake feels the coming transformation in the itch and pull of her too-tight old skin. So, too, when it was time to shed my old skin and heal I brought my old story to the tree with deep roots and high branches connecting above and below. I brought my story to the elders that tended the tree and discovered the way to live my wholeness. My new story: I am a woman who loves and spreads the village life. I feel connected deeply with people and nature. I sing because I am made to sing. I offer myself as a healer because it is my path.

Primary Specialty

Marriage & Family Therapist

Gender Female
Services Kathleen Dunbar, MA, CHT, LMFT practices at 16 Blake Street, San Francisco, CA 94118. Marriage and family therapists diagnose and treat mental and emotional issues and concerns within marriages, couples and families.

For more information, call Kathleen Dunbar at (415) 668-5130.
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