Qat Carter

Qat Carter
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Qat Carter

My Yoga practice began at age 15, when I was overweight and already suffering from severe back pain. I was already vegetarian and studying Herbalism, so I knew Yoga was the logical next step. And as is the case for sooo many others, it gradually transformed my life!

Yoga Instructor

That was 1999 and I have been practicing daily ever since. I began teaching in 2004 and finally got my certification in 2009. I study Hatha Yoga and do not adhere to a specific style (such as Bikram, Kundalini, or Iyengar). I feel strongly that all styles have something valuable to offer everyone, and everyone has a particular style that fits them best at particular times. With this in mind, I utilize my schooling in Herbalism and Ayurveda in my teaching extensively. My private 1 on 1 classes involve not only asanas (poses), but overall analysis of my students whole physical constitution.

I specialize in back problems and Pre-natal, as well as how to advance further for intermediate students. I also avidly study Yogas spiritual background and I am happy to share this knowledge with others (but only if asked!).

Yoga is now my way of life. I take the ancient teachings into account in every decision or obstacle I encounter, and my life is only getting better and better because of it! Also, I must say greatly increased balance, flexibility, strength, stamina, and steadiness of mind are also a good bonus!:)
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