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New Horizons 2100 Comer Avenue Columbus, GA 31904

New Horizons

New Horizons is a Counselor facility at 2100 Comer Avenue in Columbus, GA.
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Services New Horizons offers counseling at 2100 Comer Avenue, Columbus, GA 31904 in Columbus, GA.

Please call New Horizons at (706) 323-0174 to schedule an appointment in Columbus, GA and to get more information about the counseling services offered.
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I was in a group for depression. Dr. Shroff from New Orizons sent me to this meeting. At my group meeting, on 1/5/2012, the councelor (whoever runing the group meeting) didn't think I needed to be in the group because I have limitations due to brain damage from encephalitis. He consisted on that I should have taken care of this problem 50 years ago (about that long ago when I had severe encphpalitis). I was a kid and had no way of knowing this information. My parents didn't either. My parents thought I would get over it with time, like a shy kid would.

When I try to explain my past situation, no one wants to lesson. I'm cut off every time by the group councelor and doctor. They need to know all about me to effectively treat me or anyone.

Acording to a phycologist, I have a disability caused by the nerons not able to perform their duties as they should because of the damage from the encephalitis (i use duties because it is the only way i know to explain it). Signals can't pass through synapses pass effectively. As I said, I thought everone treating me needs to know this about my encephalitis. Either use it to come up with a treatment plan or just say their is not a treatment available.

At the group meeting I was told I did not need to be there because I could not do the things I an not able to do to overcome my problem. People with brain damage probably can do this because of brain working properly with no damage to interfere with the brain processes. One of my problems is talking in groups. I get extremely panicky in those situations. This is why I have no friends, not married (because I can't undress in front of people;had this problem in PE in Junior High). I could keep on going about this pitucular problem when at age about 14 my neighbor, who had a pool, came over to our house by the request of my parents to force me to go swimming without my shirt on. I got in such a bad panic that he set me down and told my mother he could not do this to me. I start to scream, cring, pleaded and beg him not to do this is why he could not do this to me. Getting back to talking in groups, on this day I'm talking about the councelor started to ask me why I am in the group and I don't need to be there. I tried to explain some of all this I've been writing about to him and he cuts me off. I'm at this time trying to speak with a very high level of anxiety. May be he was trying to force me to start talking. This method has never work during my lifetime. I had started increase my turling my coke bottle. The group councelor told me 'see you can talk'. I responded by saying 'can't you see how it is effecting' He said that I did'n need to be in the group then. I got so anxietious and panicky at this point I said 'I guess I don't' and left by slamming the door. I then went to the physiatrist office and told them to take me out of the group. The recepionist asked me why and I responded 'I can't take it any longer'. I started to cry and trimel all over. I then turned around to leave because I did not want anyone to see me do this. When got to my car, I had to sit there for some time before I could drive off because of the trimeling. I stayed in bed for about 3 days. I could not get up.

If just telling some to face their fears will overcome their problems then they don't need a doctor. I can tell myself this and if able to do it. If I did not have the brain damage I could. My mind can't process thing that way. Maybe some people can train another part of the brain to take on those processes. Mine did'nt do this. 50 years is longer enough to see if my brain can do this.

I guess this is about it. I could go on and on about my problems in the past due to the encephalitis but I will not here. May I will be given the chance with an one on one situation. No one can be treated with the doctor or whoever it is finding all about what is going on with that person and that persons past. The doctor can't just meet with some the first time and come up with a dianosis without talking to the person. The only question I was asked was what was my previous doctor treating me for. When I tried to explain why I went to the previous doctor and what he dianosis me with my now doctor cut me off and only wanted to know what my previous doctor was treading me for. It is like when they meet with you for the first time sometimes they just pull a condition off the wall and say this is it and this is what we will give you for it. They need more information.
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