Clark Ronald A LCSW

Clark Ronald A LCSW
Clark Ronald A LCSW 215 Loudoun Street Southeast Leesburg, VA 20175

Clark Ronald A LCSW

Clark Ronald A LCSW is a Counselor facility at 215 Loudoun Street Southeast in Leesburg, VA.
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Services Clark Ronald A LCSW offers counseling at 215 Loudoun Street Southeast, Leesburg, VA 20175 in Leesburg, VA.

Please call Clark Ronald A LCSW at (703) 771-7555 to schedule an appointment in Leesburg, VA and to get more information about the counseling services offered.
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I retained Ron Clark and the Loudoun Family and Relationship Counseling Center on August 1, 2012. My husband and I were having difficulties in our relationship that we needed to work through, but were nowhere near considering separation or divorce. We just needed a professional to help us with communication and our ability to reconnect after 15 years of marriage. We set up weekly sessions with Ron. After nearly three months of therapy with Ron, we felt that we were drifting even further apart. We stopped counseling in Mid October. Our ability to communicate with each other was even more difficult and Ron had spent significant time telling me, and my husband, what extreme problems my husband had with little/no focus on me or any of the problems that I had that could be contributing to the difficulties in our relationship. In December, we separated but went back to Ron as a couple for more help. He advised us that the best course of action was to see my husband in one-on-one sessions and he would ask me in occasionally as needed. In one of my one-on-one sessions with Ron in January 2013,Ron advised me to stay separated from my husband.. Ron told me that he needed "6 more weeks to get inside my husband's head" to change him. Meanwhile, I was struggling with my own demons that Ron never asked me about, even though I hinted in those sessions that I was struggling with decisions I was making that could further harm the tattered marriage. So I stayed away for six weeks and cut all communication with my husband to only calls and texts regarding the children, just as Ron advised me. Meanwhile, (and without my knowledge) in his one-on-one session with my husband, Ron was encouraging my husband to hire investigators to look for possible indiscretions that I may have committed and supported/encouraged my husband to hire "scorch and burn" lawyers to pursue divorce proceedings and a lawsuit against me. So my husband did so completely unbeknownst to me. On March 14, 2013, I went to Ron asking him what I should do - should I maintain the separation and ask my husband for a divorce or if I should consider reconciliation. I told Ron that I had all these mixed up feelings - should I fly to Florida and join my husband and children on vacation in the Keys or should I stay at home - convicted in my hard and fast decision to be separated. I asked him to help me figure out what these feelings were...were they guilt, love, separation anxiety, what? Ron told me that I had a "big heart" and these feelings were those of empathy for my husband's pain and nothing more. Further, he informed me that my husband would never change, that I seemed to Ron to be happier without him and that, as sad as it may be, sometimes divorce is a better option. He offered to help me tell my husband that I wanted a divorce. So I set up an appointment with Ron and my husband for that discussion - with Ron facilitating - on April 4, 2013. After I left Ron's office, Ron phoned my husband and told him that I was planning to ask him for a divorce. All the time, Ron had knowledge that my husband's attorneys were preparing a law suit against me and were working on divorce proceedings. Ron told my husband that if my husband planned to have me served with divorce papers, then he should do it before the April 4 appointment I had set.

A summons was taped to my door on April 2.

Subsequently, my husband and I have talked about our marriage without the help of Ron Clark and have both realized our desire not to divorce, but to simply work on our differences. My husband has withdrawn the suit, and we are working to reconcile. To further inflame this situation, when my husband called Ron to cancel his next appointment with him the week of April 8 and told Ron that we were attempting to reconcile, Ron made discouraging comments to my husband about his decision. He wanted my husband to come see him so that he could understand what had changed - I presume to talk him out of the reconciliation but will never know because neither one of us will ever seek the services of Ronald A. Clark or the Loudoun Family and Relationship Counseling Center again! Further, we are pursuing legal action against Ron to have his LCSW license removed for gross misconduct among other things... Whatever you do, do not hire this guy. He will ruin your marriage as he nearly did mine.
by Nearly Ruined
April 10, 2013