Paul Rowan, DVM

Paul Rowan, DVM
The Center For Animal Healing 596 Central Drive #104 Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Paul Rowan, DVM

The Center for Animal Healing is a unique veterinary facility offering affordable, compassionate and comprehensive care for dogs and cats.

Our approach is to evaluate each patient as an individual and to seek to provide for their physical, emotional and nutritional needs. Our emphasis is on:

The structural integrity of the body (chiropractic care)
Energetic stimulation (Laser, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Homeopathy)
Nutritional therapy (High quality diets and appropriate nutritional supplements)
Every living organism has the innate capacity to heal itself given the proper support. Disease or dis ease is due to an improper balance of structure, function, emotion, or nutrient input. Our goal is to correct those defects in the least invasive and most humane method possible.
Primary Specialty


Services Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is at the heart of all the services we provide at The Center For Animal Healing. After personally experiencing chiropractic care, Dr. Rowan found a level of personal health he had never realized was possible. He then became determined to learn how to deliver this blessing to his four-legged patients… Read More


Homeopathy works on the principle that “like cures like”. This system of medical therapy uses minute amounts of substances that in their pure state would cause the same symptoms which we are observing. This is in direct contrast to current allopathic medicine which seeks to find substances which directly counter observed systems… Read More


Dr. Rowan: “As much as I appreciate technology, we have moved into an incredible world of dog and cat foods formulated from ingredients that these animals were never designed to consume. These ingredients are then cooked at incredibly high heat, squeezed through a pelleter, coated with a chemical to enhance their ‘flavor’, packaged and shipped to a warehouse… Read More

Therapeutic Laser

Therapeutic lasers (as apposed to surgical lasers) are used to relieve pain and inflammation and to speed healing. Therapeutic laser use has become more popular in the veterinary field over the last few years. The Erchonia laser we use emits coherent light at 635 angstroms, the wavelength at which normal, healthy cells resonate. This allows the cells to uptake the photons or electrons instantly… Read More

Micro Current

Microcurrent therapy utilizes electrical current in millionths of an ampere to stimulate healing and to reduce pain in affected tissues. We utilize this type of therapy at the present time to treat primarily spinal cord and orthopedic injuries but we are finding that it has much broader application for treating a multitude of other conditions. At the present time, Dr. Rowan is one of only three veterinarians in the world trained in this field… Read More


Dr. Rowan received his initial training as an intern and surgical resident at The Animal Medical Center in New York City and followed that with a Fellowship in Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Mount Sinai Hospital and Medical School in NYC. Dr. Rowan currently maintains a surgical consulting practice with his former practice at Owl Creek Veterinary Hospital and with Princess Anne Veterinary Hospital both in Virginia Beach… Read More

Pure Kangen Water®

Kangen Water® is a healthy Ionized, Alkaline Water which hydrates, provides a pH balance, detoxifies and much more. Can we share this water with our pets? The answer is a resounding YES… Read More
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Dr. Rowan now works with my beloved black lab, Maxwell, age 11, and keeps him going. Max and I hike 3 miles or more every weekend, plus playdates with his buddies every day. Dr. Rowan has cared for four of my other labs over time. When I adopted Reese Adeline ears ago, a chocolate lab, at the age of 5, the rescue agency said she had bad arthritis. She lived to 13! She swam in the ocean to her hears content the summer before she crossed the rainbow bridge. I am a proponent of this care and certainly of Dr. Rowan's expertise. I now also bring a dear friend's dog for adjustments and laser treatments along with Max. The dogs love to come to Dr. Rowan's office.
by Jay
December 29, 2020
When the vet was unable to provide relief to my dog I researched chiropractors and found Dr. Paul Rowan. My dog had not walked in two weeks unable to stand or use her front legs for undiagnosed reasons. As a senior dog, she had too much life in her to euthanize. After her first treatment with Dr Rowan, she was back to her normal bossy self. We were regulars until she crossed the rainbow bridge at 17 years.
by Minzies Mom
August 17, 2020
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