Ginny Johnsen, RDLDCLT

Ginny Johnsen, RDLDCLT
Columbus Laser Allergy 428 Beecher Road Suite B Columbus, OH 43230

Ginny Johnsen, RDLDCLT

Ginny offers relief to patients suffering with allergies using the latest and most advanced testing techniques to identify the allergies. She helps her clients identify the source of their allergies whether they be household, seasonal, drug and medication related, or allergies from food and pets. The leading-edge techniques that Columbus Laser Allergy uses detect even lower-level allergies and allow the staff to test patients without pain.
Primary Specialty

Asthma - Allergy Specialists

Gender Female
Services Her affordable and highly successful allergy treatments give patients long-lasting relief. Ginny is also a registered dietitian and has over 20 years experience helping individuals improve their health through gradual and realistic lifestyle changes. Her holistic, non-invasive, and painless treatments for allergies will improve patients well-being and help them get their life back.
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In response to Movement Educator,

This is Dr. Joe Iuvara from Beecher Chiropractic and Wellness. I read your review and would like to say that we are sorry that the service did not live up to your expectations. The points that you make are very interesting and I will look closer at the psychosocial aspects of the positive results that we are getting with this therapy. In the seven years we have offered LZR7 in our office a small percentage of patients have not responded as well as they would have liked, but the overwhelming majority of our patients have responded positively. During an internal subjective evaluation, we have well over 90% success with this treatment. I hope this number is not skewed by the topics you discuss in your review, but the results I've seen specifically in my entire family lead me to trust the efficacy of this service. The rate of success does depend on the variety of health concerns each individual may be dealing with so it is truly an individual service with individual results. We wish you well in your future and hope you find relief from your issues.

Thank you for your comments.
The Laser Allergy treatment process was a disappointing waste of my time and money. I had with great hopes signed on for a full course of treatments.
The laser treatments seemed to create endorphins temporarily, but do little else. The computer claimed that I was "cleared" of the allergies we targeted every time, and no session needed to be repeated. I suspect this may not have been the case had I signed up to pay for sessions one at a time.
During my visits I often reported to Ginny recent allergic reactions to things we had supposedly already cleared. For example within a month after being supposedly "cleared" for feathers I reacted strongly to a decorative pillow on a friend's couch- which I then learned was filled with feathers. I felt frustrated when Ginny downplayed incidents like these and insisted the treatments were working, telling me about all the other patients it was supposedly working for, as if that was more relevant than my actual experience.
At one point Ginny considered that my difficulties might be due to Leaky Gut syndrome, which can complicate this process. I completed the $125 leaky gut screening test she sold me, and lab results showed that I did not have that syndrome.
I felt really frustrated when Ginny asserted that my lack of outdoor allergy symptoms in March *proved* that I had been cleared of my grass pollen allergies. I explained that it was currently tree pollen season, which is not my usual allergy season. She shrugged that off, insisting everything was early that year. When actual grass pollen season came in mid-May, after our treatments were done, I suffered one of my worst seasons ever. A close friend remarked that she had never seen me this bad.
I still react when around anything I was "cleared" of including grass, ragweed, mold and animal dander. My stomach still cannot handle raw onions or garlic, or dairy.
I wish I had been warned before investing in over a dozen office visits and a process costing over one thousand dollars for something which was completely ineffective for me. That is why I am posting this review of my experience, to help others make more informed decisions.
That said, from a human psychology/physiology point of view I think it could be easy for some people to be fooled into thinking that the process was working 1) from the temporary endorphins 2) from a desire for conformity (everyone else Giny tells me about supposedly feels better, so if I don't want to be an outsider I must feel better too) or 3) from cognitive dissonance-(only a loser would pay this much money for something that did not work, so if I don't want to see myself as a loser, I must believe this is working).
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