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Robert Herbst, AP, DOM
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Robert Herbst, AP, DOM

Robert Herbst is an acupuncturist who practices acupuncture in Margate, Florida (FL). Robert is committed to helping you feel better by using effective acupuncture to treat many conditions, including but certainly not limited to back pain, neck pain, or headaches.

As an acupuncturist it is important to Robert Herbst that he provide his patients with the best possible acupuncture experience possible. Therefore he is not only an expert in the area of acupuncture but he is also a student of acupuncture, keeping up to date on all the most current acupuncture treatments.

Robert works with each patient individually, taking his time to get a full history of their pain or discomfort, all in order to determine the best path of acupuncture treatment. His goal is to drastically reduce or even eliminate your pain forever, and to have you become a true advocate for acupuncture.

If you are in need of the type of pain relief that can be achieved with acupuncture in Margate, FL then contact Robert Herbst at 954-586-2273. Initial consultations are FREE!


Robert Herbst is an acupuncturist who is highly knowledgeable in the area of Chinese medicine and treating infertility with Chinese herbs (Chinese herbs infertility). He uses his expertise in acupuncture in order to provide In Vitro Fertilization support (IVF), women’s wellness, back pain, neck pain, headaches, and much more.

Robert is now offering a full evaluation/exam/full health history in addition to acupuncture treatment at a huge discount. Contact him today for your FREE initial consultation and discover how acupuncture can help you feel better. Call 954-586-2273, you’ll be glad you did!