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Gisela Knebl Kohl, MD

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Fax (336) 760-0017 755 Highland Oak Dr., Suite 202 Winston Salem, NC 27103

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12 Years In Practice
Primary Specialty


Gender Female
Education UBA-University of Buenos Aires-Argentina - Medical School
Training University of Miami - Florida - Residency in Psychiatry
Affiliations Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services
Certification Adult Psychiatrist
Office Staff Gisela Knebl Kohl

Gisela Knebl Kohl, MD

Dr. Gisela Knebl Kohl is a bilingual English -Spanish psychiatrist in Winston Salem, NC. Her counseling style is oriented to offer a comprehensive approach to diagnose and treat emotional and mental disorders. Her psychiatry office in Winston Salem, NC utilizes a focused, one-on-one approach to counseling her patients. Dr. Gisela Knebl Kohl can provide one to one, individualized counseling meetings where doctor and patient will work together to create long-term solutions to complex life issues. Contact Dr. Gisela Knebl Kohl, psychiatrist in Winston Salem, NC, for an appointment today.


Dr. Gisela Knebl Kohl practices as a psychiatrist in Winston Salem, NC. She can provide psychiatric diagnostic evaluations and psychotherapy to her patients. In addition, she offers medication management to present resolution to a host of difficult problems. Her patient-focused style offers an inviting setting to deliver lasting results. Dr. Gisela Knebl Knol also is bilingual, (English and Spanish speaking) so call today for a psychiatry appointment in her Winston Salem, NC office.