Silverado Senior Living - Aspen Park

Silverado Senior Living - Aspen Park
Silverado Senior Living - Aspen Park 1430 East 4500 South Salt Lake City, UT 84117

Silverado Senior Living - Aspen Park

Move your loved one into our community in Salt Lake City, and get the best dementia care available! With a Skilled Nursing Neighborhood within our Assisted Living Community, your loved one with Alzheimer???s, Parkinson???s, Lewy-body, or other type of dementia will receive expert clinical care.
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Services Silverado Senior Living - Aspen Park provides extended-stay assisted living in Salt Lake City, UT to seniors and retirees with varying levels of assistance needs and/or disabilities.

Please contact Silverado Senior Living - Aspen Park in Salt Lake City, UT for more information or to schedule a free visit.
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I was an employee of this facility for years.

Aspen Park has one of the best (in my opinion) nursing home physicians in the entire valley: Dr. Fehlauer. The man is compassionate and extremely knowledgeable; he intentionally keeps his patient-load lower (reducing his income) in order to provide more individualized care; and he will take the time to sit down with patients, patient families and employees in order to discuss care. Much more approachable than any other doctor I have ever worked with. He produces excellent results, and inspires the staff to follow his example.

The facility is a bit sterile, overall, but a nice building. (Formerly a psych hospital - The padded isolation rooms were turned into storage areas.) I think the building contributes in a positive way to the overall image of the facility.

Like any other nursing home environment, this facility has its good and its bad employees. Overall, I have found the balance to be favorable with the general staff. Some of the management can be problematic and counterproductive when it comes to maintaining good patient care, however. And the way they handle things with their employees, naturally, can affect patient care as well. (How people are treated is how they tend to act - setting a bad example causes people to follow suit) They have also fired several employees for seemingly ridiculous reasons, while keeping on others who were not doing their jobs appropriately. (or, ethically)

And, as a negative, the animals. The animals provide some very positive benefits -- don't get me wrong -- but they also run rampant in the facility and are not cared for (or disciplined) as they ought to be. They leave filth throughout the facility, which must be frequently cleaned up, because they are not taken outside to urinate or defecate. Many of them will steal food off the plates of the residents. Some of them operate as a "pack" in their behavior, learning bad habits from one another. Some of the larger ones, having become more wild, will knock residents down. (Which, could result in a broken hip, rib or other things, with potentially very bad consequences for the health of those residents) Sending some of them to obedience school did not have any lasting, positive results because their training was not maintained. As things are, the dogs are a large detractor from the safety and sanitary conditions of the facility. Do not bring your parent here if they have animal allergies.

In the industry, Silverado's Aspen Park facility seems to have had a decreasing reputation as a result of certain issues. Home Health and especially Hospice agencies will come there, naturally, but their employees tell me they feel the facility is not doing well in recent days, and that it has come to be regarded as a bit of a dump. This makes me sad. When I was there, we tried very hard to maintain a good image for the facility.

As with any review, take my words with a grain of salt, and go see for yourself. And make sure you thoroughly check out all of your options (instead of going to just one or two facilities) before making a decision for yourself or your family member.
by Former employee
January 17, 2013