Services by Trent Artichoker, Owner/Denver Chiropractor in DENVER, CO

Dry Needling In Denver

Dry Needling is an effective therapy to help deactivate trigger points and decrease muscle tightness to help the body function at its best.
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Active Release Technique in Denver

Active Release Technique is a myofascial release technique to help decrease the accumulation of scar tissue that prevents the normal function of the muscles.
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Chiropractic Adjustments in Denver

Our Denver chiropractors are trained in multiple adjusting techniques.
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Shockwave Therapy In Denver

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment
Heel Spur Treatment
Achilles Tendinitis Treatment
Tennis Elbow Treatment
..and more
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Foundation Training In Denver

We offer Foundation training classes in Denver.
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Cold Laser Therapy In Denver

We offer the best in Cold Laser Therapy at our chiropractic clinic in Denver.
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Car Accident Whiplash Treatment In Denver

We have a full integrated team of providers for car accident whiplash treatment. Our medical doctor is an expert in managing whiplash accident treatment. We also provide physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, on-site x-rays, and provide the best documentation to help protect your legal situation. We accepts medpay, and our provide...
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