Rudra Auyrveda, Dr

Rudra Auyrveda, Dr
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Rudra Auyrveda, Dr

Rudra Ayurveda is a specialized Ayurvedic and panchkarma center, providing holistic care in New York, New York (NY). The center offers clients treatments and therapies under the guidance and supervision of a New York board certified practitioner specializing in Ayurveda. Treatment at Rudra Ayurveda is an incredible experience for the mind, body and spirit. Full-body and site-specific therapies are used, each having important roles to play in healing and rejuvenation. Treatment is customized to each individual client is adjusted to ensure the best outcome. Those seeking holistic care in New York, New York (NY) should contact Rudra Ayurveda today.
Years In Practice 20
Primary Specialty

Holistic Care

Certification Board Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner
Services Clients seeking therapeutic services and holistic care in New York, New York (NY) need not look further than Rudra Ayurveda. The staff at Rudra Ayurveda are knowledgeable in a variety of therapeutic techniques, including abhyanga ayurvedic massage, which is both relaxing and healing. They also offer shirodhara and udvartana, which are types of head massages. Clients can also receive nasal rejuvenation, body exfoliation, and chest, back and knee treatments.

For unique, holistic care in New York, New York (NY), schedule a relaxing appointment at Rudra Ayurveda today.
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A disabling spinal neuromuscular condition causing chronic pain, stiffness, spasm and weakness, especially of my neck, shoulders, and arms, led me to Dr. Rudra, seeking pain relief and improved mobility and strength. She has helped me greatly.

Having benefited from acupuncture and Tuina, Chinese medical bodywork and looking further into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) I learned of Medicine, which in large measure, predated and formed the foundation of TCM’s approach to illness, use of herbs and even acupuncture. Ayurvedic Medicine appeared to have a highly developed system of diagnosis, and treatment, incorporating constitutional factors with diet, yoga, breathing exercise and use of medicinal herbs and oils.

My TCM experience taught me an important lesson concerning the training and credentials of practitioners which I applied in seeking a doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine. In China, acupuncture and herbal preparations together with Tuina, therapeutic bodywork, involving massage and manipulation, are taught and administered in University settings and require multi-year study and clinical training in University Hospital In the US one can receive acupuncture treatment from a licensed acupuncturist who is not a formally trained Doctor of TCM and who, most likely, has not had the equivalent depth and breadth of training and clinical experience. I always got the greatest benefit from Chinese trained TCM doctors and Medical Tuina therapists

In India, Doctors of Ayurvedic Medicine undergo a multi-year full time medical school curriculum of study with hands on clinical training at the hospital or clinic affiliated with the particular college based or university based program. A wide variety of patients with the full range of medical maladies are treated in these hospitals and clinics. In addition to the proper use of herbal medical preparations that are ingested, another fundamental treatment procedure and essential doctor's skill is the preparation and application of medicinal oils, herbs, and poultices to the body, with specialized massage techniques and also directly to the ears, nose, and other areas of the body using poultice dams and continuous flow e.g., to the forehead with Shirodara. Special therapists trained and certified by Doctors of Ayurveda Medicine can also administer these procedures under the doctor's supervision. In the US, however, Ayurvedic massage and related procedures are increasingly offered in spa type operations, whose purpose is not dedicated to Ayurvedic medical evaluation and treatment of disease. Because of my frank and chronic medical condition, I considered only an Indian trained and credentialed Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine with clinical training, preferably at a university hospital, who could directly offer the full range of treatments.

My experience with the Ayurvedic treatments has been very satisfactory. Dr. Rudra has been most professional, attentive and patient; explaining her approach and recommendations and fully addressing any questions and concerns I had. The series of massage treatments with medicinal oils and, particularly the Shirodara, the spinal Basti and both the Nasya and Karnapurna procedures for the sinuses and the ears, have been very helpful in reducing pain, stiffness, spasm and improving mobility. The Basti procedure performed by Dr. Rudra, is one that have not I have not been able to find elsewhere within New York City, that is regularly offered, even by equally credentialed practitioners. Together with the dietary guidelines and recommended yoga and breathing techniques, shown to me by Dr, Rudra, I have been able to maintain and even increase the improvement over time.
by Anonymous
March 02, 2010