Mary Eldridge, M.D.

Mary Eldridge, M.D.
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Mary Eldridge, M.D.

Lipid Specialists, S.C. is Wisconsin's unique direct-pay (cash or credit) micropractice for the prevention and management of dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, tobacco dependence, and obesity. It is time to take back control of your life, and we want to help you. We provide you with access to the recommended testing and treatments that you need and deserve.

Through Best Life Wisconsin, our health and lifestyle program, we use a personalized regimen to control and/or eliminate modifiable risk factors. Consultation and medical management services are specific to managing and reducing cardiovascular risk factors and enhancing patient lifestyles using comprehensive, personalized plans.

Complex medical problems, especially those that put you at risk for cardiovascular disease, may require more time than one primary care provider can offer during a typical office appointment. When you become a patient of Lipid Specialists, S.C., we work with your regular physician as part of a team. Your Lipid Specialists, S.C. physician will contribute to your wellness by combining education, personalized services, and specialized testing as needed. Meanwhile, your primary care physician will be able to focus on your other health concerns during their appointments with you. Having both a specialist and a primary care provider will ensure that all of your medical needs are met to the fullest extent in a coordinated manner.

Self-referrals are welcome.
Primary Specialty

Integrative Doctor

Gender Female
Education University of Notre Dame (B.S.); Medical College of Wisconsin (M.D., Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society)
Training Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York.
Affiliations As a specialist, Dr. Eldridge acts as an outpatient consultant only.
Office Staff All patients of Lipid Specialists, S.C. will be evaluated and directly cared for by a Medical Doctor (M.D.) at every visit.
Services * Cardiovascular risk assessment
* Prevention and reversal of cardiovascular disease
* Advanced lipoprotein testing
* Individualized management of dyslipidemia
* Early detection of metabolic syndrome
* Early detection of insulin resistance
* Diabetes and prediabetes prevention
* Diabetes and prediabetes management
* Treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism
* Evidence-based integrative medicine
* Personalized smoking cessation therapy
* Relaxation therapy
* Weight and nutrition management
* Analysis of current nutritional status
* Relaxation therapy
* Support groups to promote empowerment
* Workshops and classes
* Best Life Wisconsin membership

More than ever, it is time to merge the days of old-fashioned patient care with cutting edge science, technology, & research. Direct-pay practices are a new type of practice, based on the founding principles of a genuine doctor-patient relationship. At Lipid Specialists, S.C., we have cut the red tape and made it possible to provide affordable, evidence-based health care that is guided by your needs and goals. You are the person who decides which of our services would help you at this time in your life.

Dr. Eldridge does not submit claims to any Health Insurance Plans, including Medicare or Medicaid. Payment is due when you check-in at the reception desk. The cost is based on the amount of time you are seen by Dr. Eldridge. While the first appointments require two hours, you will be notified of how long future appointments will require after speaking with and being examined by the doctor. In addition, smoking cessation and nutritional management sessions can be scheduled in addition to follow-up appointments by you for 30, 60, or 90 minute appointments depending on what you would like to achieve.

Presentations for community groups, businesses, schools, professional groups, and meetings can be arranged upon request.

You should make an appointment with Dr. Eldridge by calling (262) 656-1911 if you...
* Want longer visits with your M.D.
* Have a personal or family history of premature heart disease, strokes, diabetes, or kidney disease
* Are struggling with your weight
* Have a history of muscle pain or memory problems while on cholesterol medications
* Smoke tobacco or recently quit
* Take multiple lipid-controlling medications
* Have uncontrolled high blood pressure
* Need advanced lipid testing
* Are a young patient or premenopausal woman with elevated cholesterol needing pharmacological therapy
* Desire a preventive approach to medicine
* Have an autoimmune disorder
* Have diabetes or "prediabetes"
* Have high triglycerides
* Have metabolic syndrome
* Have a genetic disorder of cholesterol metabolism
* Have low or very high HDL cholesterol
* Want a re-evaluation of your medications
* Are a woman with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
* Have had a heart attack and would like to decrease your risk of having another
* Have abnormal cholesterol, high blood pressure, or elevated blood sugars and want to learn more about your disease

People associate heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure with old age; unfortunately, the process of atherosclerosis begins in childhood. People ages 20-35 with abnormal lipids are more likely to develop coronary artery calcium & atherosclerosis (Ann Intern Med August 3, 2010 153:137-146). At Lipid Specialists, S.C., the saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is taken to heart.

It is our goal to inform patients, especially those between the ages of 18 and 64, about genetic and modifiable risk factors. When you become a patient at Lipid Specialists, S.C., we empower you to take an active role in achieving wellness. We want to make sure that you are up-to-date on the current testing and imaging recommendations. Please don't wait another day to change the rest of your life.
Additional Services Lipidology; Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Management; Integrative Medicine
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