Mac Partlow, Therapist

Mac Partlow, Therapist
Mac Partlow, MA/ABS The Cabrini Medical Tower, 901 Boren Avenue, Suite 1300 Seattle, WA 98104

Mac Partlow, Therapist

Mac Partlow, M.A. is a psychotherapist in Seattle, WA. He has two graduate degrees in counseling psychology. Mac draws upon both his professional training as well as his own life experiences of challenges and growth. Like any other person, he faced periods of anxiety, depression, and sometimes feeling stuck in either his personal and professional life. Mac is fond of telling clients that he reminds myself on a daily basis that he is not the Buddha and because of this has done many years of his therapy and still has a therapist to whom he can hold himself accountable. From all of his past and current experience as a client in relationship and addiction counseling himself, he has some strong beliefs of what he wants his clients to experience in a therapy session. First, confidentiality, as defined in Washington State Law, is absolute. Since the therapeutic experience is an intimately experimental environment, you cannot be expected to practice taking risks with new behaviors if it does not feel safe. He believes very firmly in the counseling dictum that "the client always leads." That means what is most important to you at the moment is the first thing we work on. It is also his job to help remember and integrate the larger themes of your life into the "here and now." Your job is to supply the content; his job is to help you make the meaning. Secondly, this is an environment where you are encouraged to practice and refine those new behaviors and perspectives. The therapeutic environment allows you to do this before actually taking them back into your relationship as well as your work and personal life. Thirdly, it is his job to, the tools of education, reframing, coaching, and feedback. Mac is not a passive counselor because, as a client himself, he usually benefit most from a psychotherapist who actively engages him with these tools. He knows he likes walking out of a therapy session feeling accomplished and having heard the same sentiment repeated by his clients.

If you are seeking a counselor in Seattle, WA give Mac Partlow, M.A. a call at (206) 276-0325.
Years In Practice 27
Primary Specialty


Gender Male
Education Loyola Marymount University; Bachelor of Arts 1978
City University Leadership Institute of Seattle: Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences; Counseling Psychology 1993
Seattle University: Pastoral Counseling Psychology 2011
Training Washington State Clinical Supervision
Affiliations American Mental Health Counselors Association
Association for Religious, Spiritual and Ethical Values in Counseling
International Association of Addictions and Offender Counseling
International Associations of Marriage and Family Counselors
Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development
Military and Government Counseling Association
Certification Clinical Supervision,Divisions I, II and III
Interpersonal Neurobiology
Dual Diagnosis
Technology Overuse (Cybersex Addiction)
Addiction, Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences
Impact of Deployment and Combat Stress on Families and Children
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Bipolar Disorder
Military Cultural Competence
Borderline Personality Disorder
Cognitive Rigidity
Sexual Addiction and Infidelity Dynamics

Payment Options All major insurances including medicare and medicaid.
Services Addictions
Aging / Geriatric Issues
Chemical Dependency
Coming Out Issues
Communication Skills
Creativity Issues
Depressive Disorders
Life Coaching
Not dependency treatment, but support 12-Step completion and all related recovery issues
Power Issues
Sexual Addictions
Sexuality Issues
Social Friendship Skills
Spirituality and Sexuality Issues
Symptomatic / Compulsive Behaviors
Addictive / Compulsive Behaviors
Career Development
Codependency Issues
Communication Issues
Couples Counseling
Decision Making
Intimacy Issues
Non-Fundamentalist Christian Counseling
Pastoral Counseling
Religion of Origin Issues
Sexual Intimacy Issues
Social Coaching
Spirituality Issues
Stress Issues
Transgender Issues
Recovery from religious abuse
Recovery from an abusive relationship
Pastoral Counseling
LGBTQ issues
Coming out issues
Additional Services Therapist, Counselor, Psychotherapy
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