MT Vernon Psychological Services - Dennis A Marikis Phd Director

MT Vernon Psychological Services - Dennis A Marikis Phd Director
MT Vernon Psychological Services - Dennis A Marikis Phd Director 102 East Gambier Street Mount Vernon, OH 43050

MT Vernon Psychological Services - Dennis A Marikis Phd Director

MT Vernon Psychological Services - Dennis A Marikis Phd Director is a Counselor facility at 102 East Gambier Street in Mount Vernon, OH.
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Services MT Vernon Psychological Services - Dennis A Marikis Phd Director offers counseling at 102 East Gambier Street, Mount Vernon, OH 43050 in Mount Vernon, OH.

Please call MT Vernon Psychological Services - Dennis A Marikis Phd Director at (740) 392-5416 to schedule an appointment in Mount Vernon, OH and to get more information about the counseling services offered.
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Dr. Marikis PhD,
My name is ANNE SWEPSTON, RN, and I don’t expect you to know my name off-hand. I am 49 years old, soon to be 50 and I have lived in a world “family” silenced by secrets, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, lies, denial and alcoholism. My father loved (still does, after 60 years of marriage) my mother and tolerated her being a bully and denied(s) that she ever was, even after reading e-mails and other messages from their closest friends telling him, what he supposedly didn’t see. In addition I included information passed on to me from my brother, which I also revealed to my father, which he also could not recall. Undoubtedly, as I told my dad : THE TRUTH HURTS, but just because you tell someone the truth, doesn’t mean that you love them any less. He still won’t admit that he ever saw her bully me, abuse me (mentally, emotionally, psychologically or physically) or that he allowed her to play the victim, when it was ME who was being victimized for all these years. She sure had him fooled, but not me, not my brothers, not their good friends, not her best friend who still lives right there in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. They have been best friends since they were 5 years old. My mom will turn 82 years old tomorrow. I was named after her best friend, we call her Aunt Ann (Ann Hudson/Roberson), she’s an RN, I am a new grad RN, and was named after her when I was adopted. My mom recently suffered a syncope episode r/t bilateral pulmonary embolisms and a L leg DVT and has Dementia. She has been a functioning alcoholic for at least 50 years, from what I have gathered from their friends, and she has always hated me for reasons unknown. Just before she became ill with the clots, I made the decision to begin my own, personal journey to “ SELF HEALING” since my family, primarily my dad, was finding it difficult to “just acknowledge” the newly revealed information that my middle brother had sexually molested me from the age of 5 up to around the age of 11-12 then he tried to sleep with me again at the age of 17, however I was older and knew that it was wrong and was able to defend myself. My mom knew about it 27 years ago and never told my dad. I, without knowing, revealed it to my dad in an emotional discussion, last year in March. At first he accused me of lying, then once my mother confirmed it, he followed up with “iI don’t think it happened as many times as you think it did”. Another kick in the gut. The first kick in the gut was trying to bring this up at the school, where the assessment you wrote, to help get me in to, denied the validity of my claim. They never contacted my parents, they just stated that I was lying, and that I was seeking attention, and that I didn’t feel that my issues were as bad as the other students so I felt the need to make something up to fit in, or feel like I belonged. I was already mid-way thru the program when I decided to reveal what my brother had done to me. Anyways, when I did tell my mom about this and how I was not able to deal with it at the residential therapeutic boarding school I was sent to, she told me that I must never say anything, I must never bring it up, I would destroy my brothers life and everything that he’s worked so hard for. If I were to bring this up to him it could shatter him. Who knows how it might affect him. And so, a secret “HER SECRET/LIE” was born, to best protect her son, but NOT to even be told to my father. Years have passed, and there has been a lot that I have now realized, that has been revealed by outside resources, and yet there are still wounds I need to heal. Therapy hasn’t really worked. I go, I hurt, I cry, I go home, I still hurt, and when my pain is triggered ... I cry harder and cry longer. I moved to florida per my dad’s request to help him with my mom. I’ve had nothing but one awful life event after another .. came here on 1 GI medication, 1 (0.5 mg PRN XANAX for anxiety) and 1 (10 mg ambien for insomnia) ... 1 year later, after being in the presence of my mother again I am on a daily regime of 11 medications, was going to therapy 1-2 times a week (1 to 1 1/2 hour sessions each) with a puppy for emotional support who I brought to therapy with my to learn how to use her to get through the panic attacks and anxiety episodes without meds, to include helping me to refocus from the sadness back to calm within a more reasonable amount of time as compared to days. Since coming to Florida I have lost a best friend to a drug overdose, never lost a friend yet, I totaled a car, never been in an accident in my life, been arrested for a $168.00 ticket which turned into a suspended license which I was unaware of, never been arrested before, (I was arrested, put in an inmate shirt, and locked up for 8 hours), I was BAKER ACTED (mandatory 72 hour hold * psychiatric), NEVER been locked up in a state psych ward before and the list goes on (I was released after 48 hours because it was BS ... and ai had an appointment that afternoon at 1400 to go to therapy, so the allegation that I was suicidal was completely unfounded, and even more so when the officers who showed up stated that my dad was the one who called in, in addition to the apt manager. My dad didn’t call. I had just woken up. The apartment manager told my dad that the cops were walking through my apartment complex and overheard me talking on the phone, out on my balcony, crying, talking to a friend, and I sounded as though I was at risk of harming myself. The stories didn’t jive. I need closure to my past. I can’t get it here. I can’t/ won’t ever get it from my mom or my dad. Now my relationship with both brothers is extremely toxic and I have been encouraged by my psychiatrist to sever my relationship with my brothers until I heal myself, and even then, I may never be ready to reconnect with them. This past weekend spoke volumes in showing me and then this past wednesday we had a family therapy appointment set up for my dad, me and my middle brother (the one who sexually abused me) and nobody showed except for me. My brother texted me late the night before that he wouldn’t be attending. My psychiatrist was extremely disappointed, as he felt this was going to be a huge weight lifted from my emotional weight. Based from these revelations, he advised me to stay away and continue my journey. On March 9th I’m heading to Saudi Arabia with journals that have abuse specific assignments to follow as I stare at the house where the abuse occurred for the longest period of time during my life. I’ll be there for 2 weeks. I’ve asked my dad for all of the applications and paperwork that they wrote for the school and from whoever, he was unable to find anything. In my files, as I’m slowly trying to clean my apartment, get rid of what I don’t need anymore, what I’m tired of moving with me, and I don’t need, and I found your report in with my quarterly reports from Cedu. I don’t recall seeing you at all. I remember seeing a Theckla Shackleford (sp), but I do not recall seeing, talking to, or testing for you. However, I have a 2 page report , oddly enough is not even dated. Which at this moment has me sickened to think that perhaps I really didn’t see you, and you wrote this off of the report from Theckla Shackleford. I was 14 years old at the time this written. You have my name as Ann Swepston our address was c/o ARAMCO P.O. BOX 1247 RAS TANURA SAUDI ARABIA My current school was the Knox School P.O. BOX 397 ST. JAMES ST. LONG ISLAND, NY 11780 My parents are Thomas D Swepston and Carol Sue Swepston (Suki) Whatever information you have in your files/archives that I can get, would be extremely valuable in helping me to expel the lies that I have been forced to live and believe all these years and to finally have the opportunity to perhaps try a therapeutic approach that I have not yet tried, by going back to the “scene of the crime” and through journaling, hopefully I am able to leave these memories, emotions and pain in the heat and the vast Arabian desert where they will melt away and become invisible, never forgotten. That’s so much better than living with movies of my childhood playing on REPEAT (most nights I just assume staying awake to prevent having to re-live/re-watch, when I do sleep, there are always night terrors, one after another, always the same “concept” the only way to make them stop is to stay awake. I’m asking for your help to provide me a copy of my complete file, in so that I may finally heal from the lie I’ve been forced to live, to heal from the abscesses that have never successfully been treated, just left to continue ooze and drain for years, causing pain, debilitation and a drive to look for an alternative for of treatment. Finally, your report placed me as being narcissist and borderline personality disorder. These have NEVER in all of my years been labels that have been applied to me, however, they have been used to describe my mother. So the importance of knowing/reading the claims she made, as now she has dementia and I’ll never get those answers from her, and I’m to a place in my life where I have stopped being able to reciprocate “I love you” when it’s said to me, as a part of my healing process, I need to know all that I can. My number is 832-273-1234, my parents number is 941-474-2214. I’m hoping that I can get the documentation that you may have prior to my departure on 03-08-2019.

Warmest Regards

Anne M Swepston
DOB 07-29-1969
UNIT # 406
March 29, 2019
Went here in 2009 and due to the Office Manager not doing her job, I am JUST now 2015) being billed for copays that I know I had paid! SIX years LATER! It is ludicrous! If you go, you may want to buy a filing cabinet and file your receipts forever!
by Peeved
March 24, 2015
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