Mustard Seed Health Food Store

Mustard Seed Health Food Store
Mustard Seed Health Food Store 331 Cosby Highway Newport, TN 37821

Mustard Seed Health Food Store

Mustard Seed Health Food Store is a Health and Diet Food facility at 331 Cosby Highway in Newport, TN.
Primary Specialty

Health and Diet Food

Services Mustard Seed Health Food Store is a Health and Diet Food office located in Newport, TN.

Please call Mustard Seed Health Food Store at (423) 623-4091 to schedule an appointment in Newport, TN or get more information.
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Wonderful place! Very nice people who helped me get off 12 prescription drugs. Thank You! And May God continue to bless you!
I called on New Years day & inquired about alligin pills (stabilized garlic, Allisure@), to fight the flu. He (Walt) said he had the Allimed@ in liquid & that it was $20oz & the pills $1 apiece. He also asked my location ( don't know why, was about 11AM). Am 18 miles out. I thanked him & hung up. I arrive about 1:15PM & it is closed. Of course I am upset that he did not tell me he was closing early after having asked my location. Happy New Year! Have to wait another day for meds. A friend was going to town the next day & I asked her to pick it up for me. She got back about 3:30. The bottle unsealed & was room temp. The label, made in house, said Allimed (no Trademarked), keep refrigerated, 1oz. To reorder call phone #. That's it. No statement of ml ,mg dosage or ingredients. I have never bought it that way before & was concerned. I call & Walt was not avilb. & his son handled the call. I told him that I spoke to his dad yesterday about the Allimed@ & had some ?`s. He responded saying that I could not have spoken to him (his dad) because they were closed for New Years. I said he could ask his dad saying I am sure he would remember the conversation. He then said well maybe someone was there doing stocking. I said well that is part of the reason I was calling, that his dad after speaking with him (dad) failed to tell me that (they were not open) & I had to drive over 35 miles to get there. He responded by saying "I am not responsible for what you don't know". I said how would I know sense I was on no email list & had spoken to his dad when I called & he being in error to not have mentioned that he was there just doing stocking? Would not anyone assume you were open? He said how can I help you? I said by answering the ? I just asked? Replied; is their something I can help you with? I asked him if he was familiar with the Allimed@ & he said yes. Having had bought this product before at a reduced market price of $60oz. Reg. market price, between $80 - $130oz (another supplier). I figured that it may have been cut with something & asked if it had been processed with water or oil? He said oil. I said if that was the case the oil could block the sulfur in the garlic that would make it active. Also that there was no dosage on the label & after the answers I was getting only raised more concerns as to the quality of it. He said that was the way they did it. I said well first off I don't think it is ethical to label a product that is a registered trademark, mix in house & for those who don't know, that it is a "in house" remedy & they may could only get more through you. He said I don't have to stand there & be cussed out by me & that if I did not like "their product" I could just get it somewhere else & hung the phone up. It was about 4:40PM. I needed to do some research about the product before contacting Walt about what just happened. Another day without meds. I did my research & found a reputable distributor & ordered. Another day without meds. I called Walt the next day told him who I was & he immediately asked me if I had cussed his son out. I said no, that I had spoke with him about you not being open New Years & that after speaking with you, that you failed to mention that you were not open. He (Walt) says well you could use less harsh words than what you use. When you use the word fail you imply that they failed. I said well what words is it you think I should use? No answer. I said are you suggesting that you did not fail to mention that you were not open when I spoke to you? He said he was sorry for that (finally). I told him I had ?`s about the Allimed@. He said he gets it in larger bottles & puts them in smaller bottles & that he did not know the milgrm. I asked if he cut it with anything & what his son said He did say his son was incorrect (wrong would be a" harsh word") & that it is processed with water & that their is not a dosage level & it was not cut. I said that I had never bought it in a unsealed bottle & to it`s sterility & asked how he was able to distribute it at $20oz when that cost would be lower than the wholesale price. He said he thought that it was a good product & that he did not make any $ on it & that he just wants to get it to the people. I said after his answers that I could not feel confidant in taking it. He said I will be glad to buy it back. I said no that their may be some others interested in looking at it & I did not want to make the trip. He said he was sorry. I said that he has apologized & that I would like an apology from his son & hung up the phone. I have not heard from him. The audacity of people in family owned biss. to first deny what you say, no apology for being inconvenienced, giving wrong info & not provide courteous customer service because they are to concerned about protecting each other`s backs. If you do not do anything wrong ( that "harsh word") then you do not have to focus your awareness on protecting but on true customer service in how you can help me. I did think in calling Walt(dad) that he would have been upset with his son for the lack of service given me. How naïve of me, where as it turns out did he get that way. Well Walt first thing ignores, (like his son did) my ? & suggest that I did something "wrong" in the harsh words I was using. This is some of the most La La land, home schooled, out of touch with reality people I have ever encountered. Those children would not survive in the real world for 1 min. without riding the coattails of their parents. They have no real life customer service skills that will really help them if something happened & they could not depend on their parents & the biss. Of course they being "Christians" would explain why they give away product at less than they get it for. The concern that was given in customer service demonstrates that community service dedication at their personal expense.
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