VCA Raleigh Hills Animal Hospital

VCA Raleigh Hills Animal Hospital
VCA Raleigh Hills Animal Hospital 4905 SW 77th Ave Portland, OR 97225

VCA Raleigh Hills Animal Hospital

VCA Raleigh Hills Animal Hospital practices at 4905 SW 77th Ave, Portland, OR 97225
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Office Staff Dr. Catie McDonald, Dr. Dana Blakemore, Dr. Susanne Lauer, Dr. Yuko Eguchi-Coe, Rebecca Martin, Scott Gustafson
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I used this Clinic for my 11 year old lab. The doctor I normally see was out of the office for the next four days, my dog had to be seen that day, I made an appointment with the vet on duty. Upon arriving for my appointment, the woman at the desk was on the phone, complaining about another client. I felt it was very unprofessional hearing her say such thing as "i don't want her back in the clinic" and "I don't have to be treated this way". Conversations like that should not be heard by other clinics.

During the exam, The Vet, Dr Miller seemed professional and caring, made different commits regarding his pain. She left the exam room and that was the last I saw of her. Her 20 something year assistant came back into the room with a "treatment plan" which was a quote for a 350 dollar x-ray. For personal reasons, I told this young lady, I need to go home and think this over. She made me feel extremely guilty for my logic. I found it extremely cold and uncaring the doctor would not go over my options in person with me. As if to say, it is this way or no way, no other options were given. I was supplied with pain medication for a price and sent home, with Dr Miller's email address. Office visit was $58.25 and 15 pills were $21.40

The next morning my dog was in horrible pain. He was showing his teeth to me and growling, I have never seen him do this and knew something was bad. I emailed the Dr Miller at 9am and called VCA Animal hospital. I explained to the woman on the phone my pet's condition and found out Dr Miller wasn't in the office but should/would return my email. About an hour later, Dr Miller did reply to my email, but didn't address my concerns. She wanted to know if I decided to elect for the x-ray and then gave my directions on how to send an email. The woman that answered the phone at the clinic misinformed the doctor that I had sent
numerous emails and had not heard a reply. In the email, Dr Miller asked a couple of questions, I replied in detail of my pet's condition and pain.

I never heard a word back for her. As i spent the hours watching my dog suffer. At four pm (8 hours later) I took my pet to another Animal Hospital. He was given a thorough examination. Was told to increase the pain med dosage. The doctor explained many different treatment options, ranging from non-invasive to more severe. He also explained that an x-ray might not show anything and then the next step would be an ultrasound. This vet understand my concerns where dollars were concerned. He did blood work and determined that my pet could be suffering
with hyperglycemia. There was no change for the office that last almost 90 minutes and the blood work was $132.00

It is my option, Dr Miller did not act in a caring manner. She could have replied to my emails either telling me to increase pain meds or to go into the office and see the Dr on duty. At ten pm, I sent Dr Miller an email stating I will never step foot in that clinic again and explain the day in detail. At eleven pm, she replied with an email stating she was sorry for any miscommunication and to please her know what the other doctor found.

I find this clinic to be highly priced with doctors that can't be bothered to go over care plans and options with you. The lack of a response from Dr Miller was what I found overwhelming.

I would highly recommend using another clinic for your pet's care.
by Marcus
April 17, 2014