Julian Chipley, DC

Julian Chipley, DC

Julian Chipley, DC

Located in Beckley, West Virginia, treating your neighbors and friends since 1995. We specialize in drug free treatment of back pain, neck pain and headaches. We also treat associated neuropathies and radiating pains in the legs and arms.

We are two chiropractors with a goal to help you feel fantastic as quickly as possible. We offer affordable care and we accept most insurances. No Insurance or a High Deductible? No Problem! We've got cash plans available. Call Us Today at (304) 252-0200.

Injured in a Car Crash? We also work with many local and regional attorneys allowing you to often receive treatment for injuries from an auto accident at little or no cost to you.

Dr. Chipley performs DOT CDL Medial Fitness Exams and DOT and Non-DOT Drug Testing. Also offered are Pre-Employment Fitness Testing.
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Whiplash Relief and Recovery: Our Custom Designed Program incorporates the best physical medicine with the best chiropractic & exercise rehabilitation. It’s results based and that helps you get relief and fully recover while documenting your injury. Dr. Chipley spent many years becoming an expert in Whiplash injuries. Many people are injured every day in low speed collisions with limited damage to their vehicle. These injuries are very real and they are seldom life threatening and sadly they are frequently overlooked by emergency rooms and primary care physicians. The reason these injuries are so often overlooked is that most of the time they really are not an emergency. But just because you don't need surgery does not mean that you have to life with pain every day of your life.

Neck Pain Relief: Neck Pain can be quite disabling. It can affect your ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it. We work to restore your normal motion and slow spinal decay. Most importantly we want to get you out of pain. You should be doing what you want to do and not what your pain is allowing you to do. If your neck feels stiff and sore and the pain goes down into your shoulders and upper back... if your pain radiates up into the back of your head... If you have pain in your head and neck when you move your head and neck around... If you have pain, numbness or tingling occasionally shooting into your arm... Call us for a Consult Today.

Headaches: Headaches are not normal and most people do not have them. If you have frequent headaches then there is a good chance we can help. Many headaches start because of neck or upper back tightness and soreness. Our treatment has a very high success treating headaches. Many patients enter having been to many specialists and having multiple studies performed. They enter frustrated because even though they have had lots of testing and it has all been very expensive, they often have been told that the tests are normal and the only treatment they receive are daily medications that frequently do not help. Often, our treatment is just what you are looking for.

Low Back Pain: 80% of Americans experience low back pain at one point or another. If it is mild pain that is only there for a few days, then its not a big deal. But, if your pain stays for days even if it is mild, it is most likely warning you of something wrong. Then there are those cases where you just go to do the simplest thing like tie your shoe and Whammy! The longer you wait for the pain to go away, the more it hurts. And, yes, we treat the weekend warriors that just over did it. Back pain is the most common thing that we treat at Chipley Chiropractic. If any of this sounds familiar then contact us today.

Neuritis and Sciatica: Pain or numbness down your arm or leg is Not Normal. If you experience periods of pain or numbness in your arms or legs then you need to click on this link to learn more about how you can recover and get in control of your life. Many pains in the arms or legs are there because of a pinched spinal nerve. Nerves from your spine in your lower neck and upper back supply your arms. Nerves in your lower back supply your legs. Often we can effectively remove pressure from these nerves and offer relief.

Natural Pain Relief From Arthritis and Degeneration: Posture, Arthritis,& Degeneration “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…What Happened To My Posture,I Used to Be So Tall?” We can ease the pain from arthritis and spinal degeneration. We can slow the process down. Call us today.

Understanding Dynamic Motion X-ray: Dr. Chipley is proud to offer Dynamic Motion X-ray (DMX) at his Beckley WV office. He wrote a synopsis of DMX to explain why it is so beneficial to use when clinically indicated. Often times coventional x-rays and even MRI studies fail to show why you are injured. What makes a DMX so unique is that it’s the only test that looks at your joints in motion.

Spinal Surface EMG: Our office has been providing Myovision Surface EMG Scans since 2005. We just updated our equipment to new state of the art Fourth Generation Wireless equipment. These studies are fast, painless and radiation free. These studies help the doctors of Chipley Chiropractic to objectively find and document areas of muscle spasm and nerve irritation.

DOT CDL Exams: We Do WV Bus Driver Physical Exams as well as DOT and CDL Medical Fitness Exams. We also do DOT and Employee Drug Testing.

Drug Free Workplace Program and Pre-Employment Functional Testing: Employers have rights too. Let us help you put together a simple and legal drug free workplace program. Combine this with our Fitness for Duty Employee Fitness Screening and help prevent you from hiring those you shouldn't.

Second Opinions / Independent Evaluations / Disability and Impairment Ratings: Dr. Chipley is certified by the American Board of Independent Medical Examination and provided one time evaluations.
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